10 Magical Things You Must Experience at Electric Forest 2019

Written by Arooj Mustansir

Electric Forest is known for the outstanding artistry present in virtually every aspect of the event, from the grounds itself to all the legendary performances. The enchanting energy that radiates everywhere in the forest is distinct and untouchable. It has a way of inspiring unhindered passion and creativity within everyone that steps place in it which is why it is treasured by forest family worldwide. On top of that, there is something special in virtually every corner of the festival grounds to feast your imagination on!

Although there are endless adventures to partake in while at the forest, there are some parts of the event that are so magical that you must make sure you experience them! Whether you are a forest veteran or a first timer, this guide will help make the most out of your journey at the forest and prevent you from having any FOMO when all is said and done. Check out our top 10 picks below for a taste of all the incredible things in store!

Bassnectar at Electric Forest 2018 Weekend 2

Bassnectar at Electric Forest 2018 Weekend 2

1.   Bassnectar

 Bassnectar at the forest is an experience in and of itself. Any basshead can testify/will tell you that his sets there are unlike any other as/since he meticulously curates a show that reflects the unique nature of the festival. He somehow breaks musical barriers in every performance with his dynamic mixing that flawlessly combines multiple genres. Bassnectar’s presence there is so cherished that he is now one of the only residential artists there besides the String Cheese Incident! As a headliner, his set is also guaranteed to have some of the most powerful visuals and lasers you will see all weekend. There are so many aspects of Bassnectar at Electric forest that make it so precious it is/that are simply indescribable so be sure to witness it yourself Saturday night at the Ranch Arena!

2.   Saturday Night Cheese 


The String Cheese Incident are the reason that Electric Forest exists in the first place so you can bet that they know a thing or two about throwing a next level party there. While they play 3 sets at the festival, their Saturday night show is a musical extravaganza you must see! From acrobatics to insane confetti drops and much more, they go above and beyond to curate a brilliant performance you will never forget. You never know what kind of madness to expect during Saturday night Cheese, but it is guaranteed to be an amazing time regardless of what your taste in music is. 

3.   RV Parties

Once the forest inevitably closes every night, RV DJ sets are by far best way to keep the party going well into dawn. These renegade sets take place at the RV camping ground and range from massive parties where some headliners like to perform to low key gatherings where you may stumble across some up and coming talent. Many of the performances are spontaneous but always remarkable so make sure to be a part of it!

4.   Reincarnation Village 


While exploring the grounds, you should definitely spend some time at the iconic Reincarnation Village. It is an interactive space located in the heart of the forest filled with a variety of workshops and works of art that embody the spirit of the festival. The atmosphere completely shifts depending on whether it is day or night so check it out during both of those times to fully appreciate it.

5.   Live Painting

The live painters you will stumble across are handpicked based on their spectacular talent and abilities. There are multiple painters that work on pieces inspired by Electric Forest and each year I am simply blown away at the intricacy and profound storytelling of their work. You should watch the painters throughout the weekend because the progression over time is truly amazing. Seeing the painter’s perspectives of Electric Forest through their art is sure to expand your understanding of all the magic it holds. 

6.   Pop Up Secret Sets

Griz VIP Secret Set by Live Edits Lab

Griz VIP Secret Set by Live Edits Lab

 One of the best parts of this event is the abundance of secret sets that take place there and the element of surprise they add. They give you a chance to see multiple sets from some of your favorite artists and are usually experimental making them one of a kind. They can take place anytime and everywhere in the forest and are often very intimate because of that. Many breakout artists have been known to play pop up sets at the forest shortly before becoming incredibly successful themselves. 

7.   Scavenger Hunt Activities

 The scavenger hunt is a rewarding way to get to know Electric Forest while pushing your creativity and teamwork skills. It involves going to different parts of the grounds and solving riddles or finding landmarks. Once you complete it, you get access to secret rooms and activities in the Hangar which make it more than worthwhile. It is a truly rewarding activity that will show you a side of the forest that you wouldn’t believe exists. The scavenger hunt can be done with partners so you can also use it as an opportunity to make new friends! 

8.   Massages at the Hangar


 We all know what a toll nonstop raging and head banging can take on your body, especially after multiple days at a festival. Luckily, the event organizers understand this and have the perfect solution to help us unwind in the form of a buffer massage parlor. It is located at the Hangar and is one of the most intensely relaxing and soothing massages around. The buffers are operated by professionals so it is guaranteed to be the rejuvenating pick me up you need to power through the weekend.

9.   Prize Cart Cleanups 

Electric Forest is dedicated to creating a sustainable environmental future and one of the ways they promote this is through their Prize Cart initiative. Prize Cart is a pop up cleanup effort that takes place throughout the weekend after sets and encourages attendees to pick up after themselves and collect trash. You can win prizes and EcoPoints by participating. As an added incentive, whoever collects the most EcoPoints through Prize Cart and other Electricology activities wins Good Life passes for 2020!

10.    Roaming Performers and Actors 


 When walking around chances are you will encounter groups of people wearing elaborate matching outfits that seemingly come from a different dimension. These people are roaming actors that are there to mesmerize attendees with their performances. They stay completely in character when talking to others so it feels like you are immersed into whatever species or culture they are portraying. Do not hesitate to interact with them as they are some of the most entertaining artists you will come across there and play a huge role in bringing the forest to life. 


We hope that these suggestions help you have the most extraordinary Electric Forest experience possible! Along with this, keep an open heart and mind going in and embrace all the possibilities because that is what this festival is all about. Electric Forest is officially sold out but you can find ticketing information here and keep a lookout on the Ticket Exchange group on Facebook!  

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