A Breakdown of Electric Forest’s Curated Event Series for 2019

Written by Arooj Mustansir

In addition to Electric Forest’s already sensational lineup, the festival also holds a series of curated events that reflect the diversity and ingenuity of both electronic and instrumental music. Each stage is curated by music lovers and artists alike and are designed to represent highly celebrated styles and eras of music. This year will feature 4 distinctive curated events taking place throughout the weekend of June 27-30. These events give attendees the opportunity to witness the brightest musicians in the music scene in action in both solo performances and back to back sets. Curated events at Electric Forest have always been home to legendary sets so be sure to check them out while you’re there! Read below for a breakdown of each event’s lineup and the inspiration behind them.

Gud Vibrations


One of the things that makes electronic music so impactful is its ability to weave in impassioned messages and whimsical elements within dark and heavy sound designs in a way that no genre has done before. That is the primary source of inspiration behind the Gud Vibrations event which will be taking place at the Tripolee stage on June 27th. It is fittingly curated by renowned producer’s Nghtmare and Slander who will be playing back to back sets at the event. They will be accompanied the seductive sounds of Ekali, Said the Sky, Whipped Cream, Wooli, Yako, Lick, Riot Ten and WaveDash. These are some of the most dedicated and promising artists in EDM whose performances are guaranteed to have an abundance of Gud Vibrations.



BASSRUSH has a long-standing history of recognizing unprecedented creativity in the bass music scene which is why their curated events are so compelling and consistently leave attendees in amazement. This year’s drool worthy lineup is packed with visionaries from all over the bass spectrum. Breakbeat lovers will get an ample dose of authentic drum and bass with pioneers Ivy Lab, Loadstar btb DC Breaks along with The Librarian and Fury + MC Dino. On the more experimental side, Digital Ethos will be playing back to back with Chee. These producers are known for their knockout soundscapes so the two of them combined will undoubtedly be an unstoppable force. Another back to back set to look forward to features Charlesthefirst and Thriftworks and the ethereal nature of their music is sure to take fans on a remarkable sonic voyage. Dubstep enthusiasts will also get to bask in the glory of Caspa, Badklaat, Black Tiger Sex Machine and 12th Planet. We have a feeling that the Tripolee stage will never be the same after all the insanity that will ensue during Friday’s Bassrush takeover.

Studio 54est 


Studio 54st is designed to teleport you back in time to the vivacious disco atmosphere of New York’s infamous nightclub known as Studio 54. The club served as the stomping grounds for celebrities such as Elton John, Grace Jones, and Andy Warhol. Now the festival will celebrate its roots in early dance culture by recreating the essence of Studio 54 at its very own Carousel Club on June 28.  Electrofunk artists Orchard Lounge, WHITEOWL, Escort, and Yungbae will be bringing disco back to life while infusing it with touches from modern dance music. 54est will also feature The Nth Power Presents: Earth, Wind & Power and special guest Jellybean Benitez who performed at Studio 54 during its prime! 

Silent Disco


The Silent Disco is one Electric Forest’s most captivating displays of art and music. The sets at the Disco can only be heard by attendees that are in its vicinity with access to the headphones that are linked to the DJ’s music. This form of dynamic live music is special due to its exclusiveness as well as the connectivity formed between the attendees and artists that partake in it. You will likely stumble across it multiple times while exploring the forest and be drawn to the carefree dancing and enigma of the music. Lucid Vision, Unlimited Gravity, Krushendo, Funkstatik, Vourteque are a few of the gifted acts that will be performing at the Silent Disco. There are many up and coming artists on the roster so it is also an incredibly memorable way to discover new music. 

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