If you are fatigued with the same caliber of rap songs that engulf the airwaves, then entrust GDP with enhancing your summer playlist. Hailing from West Orange, New Jersey, GDP has been toiling away at his craft for a significant portion of his life. His familiarity with rap becomes evident while listening to his music. Between his lyrics and his delivery, each song offers listeners an alternative experience. His creativity and experimentation assisted in GDP promptly becoming my favorite rapper. His first full length studio album, Involvement, was released in January of 2007 and since then, GDP has had a plethora of accomplishments to write home about. He has dropped several of his own records, as well as several splits with other artists. Fellow New Jerseyans, The Front Bottoms joined forces with GDP on the most recent split, Liberty and Prosperity, on which he released 2 brand new songs, “Parking Garage” and “Limousine”. He also has a collaborative project with close friend, Space Jesus, called #$ (Hash Money), which has allowed each of them to exhibit their talents on an alternative platform than their listeners are used to. GDP informed me that, “#$ is sitting on some new songs that we'll probably drop on the internet with little to no warning this summer”.


In addition to his musical achievements, GDP also assists in furthering other artist’s careers through his label Smokers Cough. He discussed the future plans for the label and explained that, “Smokers Cough has new music from White Bike, Space Jesus, Dwight Marrow, Emily Rugburn, Esseks and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal/Keyboard Kid all in the works and that's just the short list. At this point I'm way more interested in helping

other artists than playing shows or releasing new music”. While recently his live performances have been exiguous, GDP was listed on the lineup for The 710 Cup Festival in Denver this July. Unfortunately, due to legal issues, the event has been rescheduled for this October and GDP is still hoping to perform. Regarding the festival he said, “If 710 cup happens and they want me to be there I'm gonna hang glide through that bitch like a pterodactyl”, so hopefully he manages to bring his immaculate raps to Colorado this fall! Do yourself a favor and give GDP a listen, I assure you won’t be sorry!


Written by Zoe Whitley

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