BFS Sits Down With Chet Porter

Rising electronic sensation Chet Porter has been growing at an exponential rate over the past few years with releasing on Foreign Family, Big Beat Records, and Next Wave Records. The Toronto native spent four years expanding his production skills in Halifax, Canada prior to establishing himself as one of the scene’s next rising stars. His most recent release “Stay” just broke 1 millions plays on Soundcloud along with 2 million streams on Spotify. With shoutouts from Jai Wolf, Manila Killa, and the entire Moving Castle family, it’s safe to say Chet is in for a breakout year in 2017. 

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Prior to his set at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver, I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Chet about everything from tour life, the state of the music industry, steaming and more. Here a few highlights from the interview below.

BFS: How’s tour been going so far?

Chet: Tour’s been great! It’s been a blast so far! The guys (Lemaitrie) are awesome. Except for when they all speak in Norwegian.

BFS: How many times have you toured in the past?

Chet: I’ve been touring for about a year now. This tour with Lemaitre is my first nationwide tour but up until now I’ve been lucky to land shows here in the US along with a few gigs opening for Odesza.

BFS: So how’d you get on Foreign Family?

Chet: I had a demo that I thought would be a good fit. I shared it with my manger with specific instructions NOT to share the song. And then he sent it anyways! My immediate response was to fire him. Luckily, Foreign Family hit us back and really like it. During my shows with Odesza I got to talk to the guys in person and they encouraged me to finish up the track so we could put it out. A few stressful months later, “Stay” was finished and ready to be released.

BFS: Have you seen any returns on your music from streaming yet?

Chet: Honestly no. In my opinion the biggest source of income comes from touring. Touring and sync deals. I’ve had one sync deal with Red Bull but I’ve yet to see any returns from it yet. Hopefully that changes when the snowboarding commercial goes live. 

BFS: So how would you say you feel about the whole streaming game nowadays?

Chet: Personally, I like how easy it is. If you have good content, it’s relatively easy to get on large playlists to quickly start racking up streams. 

BFS: What do you think of EDM becoming very mainstream over the past year?

Chet: I think it’s great! A lot of people are being introduced to new things which leads to people trying to create new sounds! The whole electronic spectrum is so broad that it opens up a lot of room for creativity. For me personally, I want to try and find more of it. The more mainstream it becomes, the more new music I’ll find and I think that’s really cool!

BFS: How do you feel about future bass becoming incredibly saturated?

Chet: I feel like that happens with every genre. Whether it be metal, or disco, every genre is going to have bandwagon fans. I find it to be a problem, but at the same time if someone comes out with a killer future bass track, I’m still going to love and rep it. 

BFS: Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Chet: Ah that’s a tough question but I’m going to have say a lot of my Moving Castle friends. Manila Killa is a great example. The great thing about SoundCloud is there are soo many talented producers floating below the surface. It’s hard to name them all but in time they’ll get the recognition they deserve. 

    Chet’s went on to follow up the interview with one of the most unique sets I’ve seen in quite some time. Pairing his music with well known apacellas and unreleased remixes of trracks such as D.R.A.M's "Broccoli", Chet’s set was euphoric, melodic, and captivating. He teased artists such as Porter Robinson and his synths really came to life over the house speakers. It was clear that everyone in the crowd was having a blast with cheers being heard from every corner of the venue. If you get a chance, I highly recommend checking out Chet Porter in a town near you. For more information, you can follow Chet on his social media pages below along with upcoming dates on Lematrie’s “We Got U” tour. 

As mentioned above, touring is definitely the main source of income for a lot of these up and coming artists. Be sure to go out and spend a few bucks on a night you’re sure to remember. You’re not only paying for some high quality entertainment, but you’re also helping these individuals live out their dreams. For Chet, his dream job involves writing scores for major movies. These ambitions are only possibly with the help from you, the fans. As Chet’s career blossoms, it’d sure be cool if you were able to say that you were at one of his first shows of his career. 

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Written By: Cooper Turley