The Name is Sound… Stööki Sound

With a yin and yang fusion of style and ease, the London based duo Stööki Sound has been throwing some true heat into the trap scene. 


While staying true to the essence of trap, they’ve created an undeniably original sound. Whether you were intended to or not, you’re bound to recognize that effortless 808 and drum bounce in their songs, such as Ball so Hard, Talkin’ About and UPPERS.


Here is a playlist of the songs mentioned, with other signature originals:


Also important to be noted is their commitment to staying true to the origins of trap music by adding rap and other vocals while fearlessly experimenting with the more unexplored sounds and rhythms of bass and electronic music.  


Goldlink - Ay Ay (Stooki Sound Remix)



Stööki Sound has risen the heat even more in their recent release of Stage Dive ft. Marky D… have a listen if you dare!


Perhaps it’s the fact that there are two of them that permits for their distinctly high production quality, perhaps it’s because they’ve never fallen into the ‘next trap hype’—whatever it is, DJ Lukey and Jalacee show nothing but contagious love for music, and have taken trap music by the horns and made it their own. 


Photo by Jennie Abrams, not property of BassFeedstheSoul 

Photo by Jennie Abrams, not property of BassFeedstheSoul 

I had the chance to talk to the duo about their latest projects and 2016 US Tour.. catch up with Stooki in the interview below.


So you guys are just about finished with your US tour.. how does it feel this time compared to the first time you toured the states?

Yeah it’s different, mainly different cause we’re on a bus this time so it’s been really cool and much less stressful than catching flights everywhere. But it has been more intense in terms of playing four- five times a week. It’s been really sick and supporting Keys and Krates as well has been really great we’re very like-minded. We’ve also been meeting a lot of new people on this tour.

How do you feel your new tracks have played into that?

We have been working on a lot of new music. We’ve kind of got to play more of the newer and unreleased tracks at VIP shows more than anything on this tour. But we’ve been testing those out and they’ve all been doing well so it’s been enjoyable.

Stage Dive with Marky D has made quite the splash in the bass music scene, how has its debut been so far?

We met Marky when we came to LA last year through a mutual friend and then we became friends. Then we just hit the studio and it really helps to get together in the same room to kind of bounce ideas off each other and to finish the track quickly. And once we finished wanted to blend classic trap with a rapper and drop more of an electronic section as well with drums and stuff-- but we got the balance right on it.

Then the opportunity came through Facebook to record a 360 music video, so that helped get the track out then. 

Do you plan on collaborating with more rappers in the future / for the EP?

Yeah a hundred percent- definitely want to work with more artists, rappers and vocalists as well.

Since the beginning of our career, people have always told us that our instrumentals really suit rappers.  Now that we’re spending more time in the States as well rappers are more accessible and it’s easier to get in the studio, the same goes for vocalists. So it’s definitely going to be an element that’s going to be more present in our future releases.

You’ve done a great job at putting yourself above the generic trap platform.. a lot of work on quality over quantity.  How do you see Stage Dive working into that aspect of your work?

Stage Dive was sort of taking it back to the essence of trapping with rapping and vocalists as well kind of just showing the essence of trap. Then we bring in our own DK’s and underground dubstep, so it’s sort of an opportunity to put our own twist on it.

Stage Dive was a precursor for a new direction in your music, could you give us more insight on that ?

We’ve been mostly working on evolving our sound. It’s not about making songs similar to other people’s music, or what’s popular at the moment. We just focus on improving our own style.

There aren’t too many duos producing at your level, could you speak on your collaborative creative process and how it works for you?

I think it helped that we were friends from the start. It takes time when you’re working with someone to get to know each other and how each other work to get a good balance when producing music. There’s just so many elements of producing as a duo that are so much bigger than just being together, or simply making trap.

I think that us doing everything in the house from the beginning kind of helped us understand what it takes to be a duo and shaped how we evolved and developed today in terms of production. We know what our strengths are and how we can work effectively. I’m kind of good at coming up with initial ideas, and experimental stuff and J is better and finishing and mastering the completion of the song. We kind of found that to be a good balance and bringing live elements to thing.


Does the dynamic shift at all from the studio to live performances?


Were different in our own ways. We try to make it more of an act during more that a DJ set. We come from London, so a long way, and we know we only have an hour or so to show people what we’re about and how we do what we do, so we try to get people to really engage with us.


Any words for the Denver crowd coming down for the show tomorrow?


Oh we love them, we’ve been looking forward to that show the whole tour. We’ve always been shown love in Denver, so we’re excited to celebrate.

So much I’d want to do in Colorado, but I guess it’s always an excuse to come back. 



Follow the rest of their moves on their, see if you’ll finally have the opportunity to see this pair in action! 








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Interview and article by Aisha DeMorsella