Bass Feeds The Soul Sits Down With Sam Gellaitry

Photo by Kimberlyanne Tan

Photo by Kimberlyanne Tan

Sam Gellaitry is a groundbreaking producer and DJ stemming from Scotland. At only nineteen years old, his work exhibits a sense of maturity and a percussive style that’s hard to miss.

Bass Feeds The Soul (BFS): You played Coachella this weekend, how was that?
Sam Gellaitry: Yes, it was insane. It was really great and one of my favorite shows to date definitely.

BFS: So you’ve been added to some awesome festival lineups such as Shambhala. What it’s like playing in front of a huge crowd?
Sam Gellaitry: It’s not too different from a club scene, but being able to see out really far and seeing how many people are there watching you – it’s really humbling and really great.

BFS: Are your sets different from when you play a small venue like Cervantes' Other Side versus a festival?
Sam Gellaitry: I think they fit both settings to be fair. Unless it’s a completely different scene I would change it up, but it usually works both ways.

BFS: In an interview with THE FADER, you said your EP, Short Stories, aimed to pay homage to the energies and genres that helped you incorporate as many ideas as you could into one track. Who are your musical influences and is Hudson Mohawke or Carmack some of them? 
Sam Gellaitry: Yes, definitely. They’re more recent ones. Recent in the sense of the influences I was talking about were from when I was much younger. Hearing music that I didn’t know at a young age and discovering it later on and using it, that’s what I meant by that. But of course Hudson Mohawke, Carmack, Rustie, and Flying Lotus – all those guys are amazing and really inspiring to the music I make just now. But there’s loads of other stuff I draw inspiration from.

BFS: You have a few tracks with Connor Pearson. Do you plan on bringing vocalists onto any other tracks? 
Sam Gellaitry: Connor is a good friend of mine. I met him in college. I actually worked with him way before I got recognized. I’ll definitely be working more with vocalists, but the connection we have is kind of different from what I’m going to get from anyone else because he’s my friend and we’re just making music. I’m looking forward to working with more artists in the future definitely.

BFS: You two have a track called “Ess”. Are you going to release it?
Sam Gellaitry: Yeah, I think that’s coming out at some point. Connor posted the preview on his Soundcloud. We were going to keep it for a while, but the response has been really good so we might have to finish that one. We actually got a version of it with a chorus part and it’s completely different.

BFS: Is the music scene different in Scotland versus the United States? 
Sam Gellaitry: There’s a very little music scene in Scotland and music seems to be a massive thing over here.

BFS: So what’s next? Are you putting out a full album? 
Sam Gellaitry: I think the album would be something that comes out next year maybe, but I don’t know yet. I’ve got a new EP coming out this year. I like putting them out frequently. Once I’ve made something, I really want to make something else and release it; it’s a very addictive process. 

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