Bass Feeds The Soul Sits Down With BLVK Sheep

Bass Feeds The Soul (BFS): Where are you from?
BLVK Sheep: New York

BFS: How did you come up with the name BLVK Sheep?
BLVK Sheep: I was doing this project with someone else and BLVK Sheep was a thing we thought that stood out. It’s about being yourself. Everyone sticks out in a weird way sometimes and everyone is a BLVK Sheep themselves you could say. It's a movement of a bunch of kids who have all the same interests and it grew to be what it is now.

BFS: How long have you been producing for?
BLVK Sheep: I started making music in 2013 and it’s been uphill from there.

BFS: Did you play any instruments before you started producing?
BLVK Sheep: I got a keyboard from somebody and tried to learn how to play it and completely gave up. But by actually sitting there and playing it, I learned music theory. I learned the basics on how to play things and help me get ideas out of my head.

BFS: Out of all the genres you could have produced, why electronic dance music?
BLVK Sheep: In late 2011 and early 2012, I started getting into it and went to Electric Zoo. I saw so many people that I've never even heard of. I also got the chance to see Diplo in 3D which was absolutely crazy. Then I saw Skrillex close main stage and was like that's really inspiring that other people can do this - I want to learn how to make music so why not try to make EDM. I was learning how to make rap beats before that because that's how I originally got into it. I've always liked house music. I grew up around it and especially over here in New York, house music is really big here. I found interest in dubstep and things like that too and started trying everything out. When trap came along, I was like I actually know stuff about this because it's really similar to hip hop so why not try and make this and it worked out.

BFS: How do you pick which songs to remix?
BLVK Sheep: It's hard because only certain songs pop up where you can get stems for them. I've done a lot of remixes which I’ve never released because of copyright or too many people release them. For example, my Alison Wonderland “Already Gone” remix, I really like that song and I'm a huge fan of Lido and a huge fan of Alison Wonderland so when I heard that song I was into it instantly. I really liked the original, but I wasn't feeling the drop so I was like let me try make my own version and see what happens. Originally it got taken down on Soundcloud for copyright. I changed some stuff up and got it on Soundcloud, just released it as fast as I could. I think the goal for a remix is to have the original artist like it and possibly get their support as well as make it better or make a different version other people like.

BFS: How do you feel about Alison Wonderland playing your remix live?
BLVK Sheep: It’s actually weird and crazy because I didn’t even know she was playing it. I was at Snowglobe because I had won the NGHTMRE remix competition. Maliboux and I both went out to Lake Tahoe and got to play Snowglobe. I think about a month before and having released the Alison Wonderland remix, it got a bunch of blog posts. One of them tagged her in it. I was sitting in my room and she DMs me on Twitter asking for it. I was like “holy shit” and I sent it to her. I didn't know if she was playing it or not, I thought maybe she just wanted to listen to it. We were at Snowglobe watching her play. Me and Maliboux were just sitting there at the side of the stage and she dropped my remix. I went up to here after and was like, “Hey my name is Richie and I’m BLVK Sheep. You just played my ‘Already Gone’ remix”. She just looks at me and we had our little moment. She played that remix from Snowglobe to Ultra and I think she's still playing it so that's awesome to me.

BFS: Who are some of your musical influences and how have they inspired your music?
BLVK Sheep: It’s so hard because there's a lot of people who have inspired me from the start to as of recent. RL Grime has been one of my biggest inspirations. He was one of the first trap DJs I ever saw. I snuck into Webster Hall when I was 18. I just turned 18 at midnight and got in which I probably wasn't supposed to be there because it’s 19 and over. He was one of the first people I saw that really influenced me in the trap scene. I really like all the stuff DJ Snake has done mixing future bass trap vibes into radio stuff which is crazy good. Lido is amazing. I've been heavily inspired by Oshi as well as WUKI doing crazy breakbeat stuff and NGHTMRE doing crazy trap. I've taken inspiration from so many different people in so many different ways and bringing it all together. I have a lot of different music coming out and I’m really excited to show it to people because I don’t think they're going to expect how melodic some of these songs are going to be or crazy weird breakbeat stuff I've been doing and big trap songs in general as well. I'm all over, but in a good way where people are going to know it's my sound.

BFS: Top three albums if you were stranded on an island?
BLVK Sheep: That’s super hard. I'm not really a heavy album listener. Man On The Moon by Kid Cudi. He was one of my favorite artists and I could still listen to that album front to back without getting bored. RL Grime’s Void, gotta have some good EDM stuff in there. Those two definitely are albums I've probably listened to the most. Maybe Life of Pablo. I've been really into that stuff lately.

BFS: Do you plan on bringing rappers onto any of your tracks?
BLVK Sheep: I want to work with a lot of singers and rappers. I'm trying to aim to have vocals on 90% of my music now. I'm in the stage where I’m a Soundcloud producer and transitioning to where people are seeing me as a legitimate producer so it's hard to find those really good vocalists I want to work with or even find people who are really serious and get back to me on time.

BFS: So what's next?
BLVK Sheep: A lot of stuff. A lot of shows coming up. Getting to travel is cool. I have a bunch of collabs. I'm going to be doing a bunch of originals with a bunch of homies. I have a collab with Kompany, very dope and can't wait to release that - it’s gonna be different. Me and Holly have a collab, it's really good and I like it a lot. Me and Kayoh are doing a song. We've been trying to do a song for two years and now we're finally settling down. Me and Scrvp, the homie, we run MMXV together. Me and Ship Wrek are doing a song. I have an official remix coming out soon. I have a bunch of singles I've been working on as well. Might possibly be doing an EP by the end of this year depending on how things go and how many great singles I can bump out. I can't really tell you what's next because I don't even really know what's next. New things pop up everyday so whatever happens, happens.

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