5 Places We Wish We Hosted Festivals

If a music festival could be hosted ANYWHERE where would you want it to be? Here's a list our bloggers put together for top 4 places that would be awesome to host a music festival at. Too bad most of the locations would be impossible as a host, but we can dream right? 


1. Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and National Lakeshore, Empire, Michigan, USA

Towering sand dunes, a constant light breeze off of the water, and Lake Michigan for as far as the eye can see, what wouldn't be a more beautiful back drop for a festival? The national park in Northern Michigan is internationally recognized for it's beauty, racking up mentions from countless travel magazines including National Geographic. It's hard to imagine a place on earth that is more blissful and completely natrual than the beautifull preserved lake shore. Too bad that natural beauty is exactly the reason a music festival will never take place here, the dunes are strictly protected by local and national wildlife officials.


2. Bora Bora

Can you imagine staying in your own ocean bungalow after a long day spent at a festival? Or if travel between stages required relocating to a new private island? Or maybe we could dream of listening to dirty wobbles and filthy beats blasted from speakers beachside with crystal clear water just yards away? Lets face it, a music festival here would be the get away of a life time.


3. Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

Let's face it, as a kid everyone wanted to go to Disney World at SOME POINT, but imagine going back as an adult--- to a MUSIC FESTIVAL IN DISNEY WORLD! If this actually occured, my childhood dreams would be answered. Dj's playing stages throughout the parks, rollar coasters, rides, and other attractions galore, it really would be the most fun place on earth.


4. The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

What wouldn't be cool about attending a music festival in one of the most famous, ancient and sacred places on the planet? The gorgeous city is in the heart of Beijing, and acted as China's center for government and sacred ceremonies for centuries. 


5.  St. Elmo, Colorado USA

A once bustling and successful mining town, St. Elmo now stands abandoned in the mountains of Colorado. Why would it be so cool for a festival? Turning an old Western Styled town into a music festival for a few days is sure to be a ton of fun and a cool look into the past. 


Written By: Madi Lawton