Last week our bloggers sat down with the young Colorado native duo Bass Physics to talk about inspiration, the future of EDM, Daft Punk, what it's like being full time college students and touring musicians, and more!


BFS: What influenced you guys to start making music?

Luke : Ever since I was a little kid, we’d be listening to music, like even on the way to school a song would come on the radio or something and I would be like “Mom can you rewind that song?” and she’d always laugh and say “No its on the radio!” So every time I heard a song I really liked I would think “what is it about this song I like so much?” and about the feeling music brought to me. I have always been curious about the way artists write their own music. I first got into electronic music right before high school and I really liked the energy it gave off, so I thought why not make some of my own and bring the positive energy along with it. I started watching videos about DJing, and I definitely grew a passion from that.

AP : For me when I was really young my parents liked having me do extra activities. I got a piano teacher and started learning some classical piano and they got me a guitar teacher for two years--- then I started playing metal music back in the day, you know during that “Emo Phase.” I loved Avenge Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine and I would listen to that all day long--- turn up my amps as loud as possible to piss off my parents. Thats kind of where I started playing instruments, from there I went into a funk band and after that I decided I wanted to take my own path and started making electronic music. Luke and I met senior year of high school. The summer before our freshman year of college we got together and collaborated on a track and it took off from there.

BFS: How much would you say the music you listened to growing up effects your music now?

AP: So much. We love Linkin Park--- that hip hop style.EK: So do you have any crazy pre-show rituals that you absolutely have to do before you go on stage?

Luke: I guess its just a focus you know? We focus on what we’re going to go out and do and we’re in control of the show, we prepared for it and think everything’s going to go well so we just try to bring that positive energy with us when we go on stage.

BFS: You’ve been opening for a lot of big acts in the Colorado area lately, what has been your favorite artist to open for?

Luke: Dude, Adventure Club. That was the sickest show ever.

AP: I think the coolest artist--- or group of artists was definitely Decadence. I mean there was Break Science, Beats Antique, Keys n Krates--- those guys are so nice, they’re really cool. Late Night Radio is cool. Break Science has been an inspiration of mine and to meet Adam and Borahm was so cool and to know that they’re just regular people, just like us. It’s really humbling to know that. Its really inspiring.

BFS: Whats your favorite song off of your latest album “Where Do We Turn”?

AP: Legends Never Die. My sophomore year in high school one of my good friends passed away from a motorcycle accidents. That was one of the things that just triggered me to be like I’m going to chase my dreams and live my life for my homie Jamie who didn’t get to. He died when he was 18 and he didn’t get to see a life like me and Luke have been so blessed to see. Originally I started writing, just like all of our songs, where one of us comes up with something and gives it to the other who works on it. When I started writing this song it was originally called “Mr. Smith”--- Jamie’s last name. That was the original motivation behind it but then it turned into this song that was about everyone we had ever lost. We lost a really important member of our team-- Barry Fig and that was hard on our team and us and when that happened we knew we had to do something for these people that have passed on but have left a legacy. So Legends Never Die is about the people that we miss dearly.

BFS: That's so cool, especially because there are a lot of people out there that think electronic music doesn’t have a really deep meaning just because the lyrics aren’t present to tell a story.

BFS: This past weekend Daft Punk absolutely swept the Grammys. What do you guys think about that?

Luke: I thought their performance was awesome. Stevie Wonder? That's all you’ve gotta say.

BFS: They were the first electronic group ever to win Best Album of the Year. What do you think their winnings do for EDM as a whole?

Luke: I think its great.

AP: I think they opened up the doors. I mean they really started the whole entire thing, I think they deserve all of the awards. They really were the pioneers.

BFS: Whats the craziest thing to ever happen while you were performing?

Luke: I think when someone told us that our set was over and we had to stop immediately. It was at Welcome Fest at CU Boulder. It was the most stressful, just because we like to have a plan of where we’re going with the set and the energy and flow of things. And when someones like “you have ten minutes left” and we have thirty minutes worth of music to play it gets stressful. We just improvised. They cut us off in the middle of Global Love which was the way it goes, but it was a good learning experience because we have to learn how to handle ourselves maturely and professionally in a situation like that.

BFS: So going off of that do you ever get really nervous about performing?

Luke: Oh yeah.

BFS: Whats the most nervous you have ever been?

AP: For our first show at Cervantes.

Luke: You think so?

AP: Yeah! I almost tripped up the stairs getting on stage. It was my first time talking into a microphone--- didn’t know how to do that. It was actually really terrifying, then once the music starts playing you’re fine. You just find your place.

BFS: If you could play any festival which one would you play and why?

Luke: I wanna play E Forest SO BADLY

AP: I just want to play frolf there. Their glow in the dark course is so sick

BFS: If you weren’t in the music industry what do you think you would be doing?

Luke: I think I would be trying to pursue something that I would not enjoy. I like school and everything, but I just absolutely love music. I love how it effects people and I love being able to be a part of that.

AP: I think thats the hardest question to answer as an artist, because I just think without music what am I? I don’t know. Honestly. Thats a hard question. When I was a little kid I loved skateboarding, so maybe try and be a pro skateboard but I really don’t know.

BFS: You guys are in college as full time students. Whats your advice for aspiring musicians going through school?

AP: I would just say that it is possible and you can do it. I go to CSU. On a serious note if you’re in school thats the most important thing. If you can afford it and its reasonable for your life it will take you so much higher than trying to become a professional skateboarder or something because you will ALWAYS have that to fall back on. Right now I’m working on a marketing degree, and if music ever doesn’t work out I’ll have that to fall back on. That’s very important to do if you have the opportunity. I fully believe that education is the key to happiness. If you understand the world around you you’re going to understand how to be happy and how to portray that through your daily life and to other people and help them with their positive vibes as well.

Luke: Yeah, if you have the opportunity to go learn why not? You’re potential and the possibilities are just expanded.

Interviewed and Written By: Madi Lawton