Bonnaroo. Every festival goer knows the name and every festival goer dreams of being in attendance. It is the biggest and the best in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. On any other weekend “The farm” is simply that, a farm, but come June 12th the property will transform in to a world of its own. Acres upon acres of tents occupied by personalities from all over the country, two main stages, four tent stages, a silent disco, and of course the mushroom fountain fill the grounds. No matter how far you have to travel, no amount of traffic could ruin the excitement you feel when feel as you make the final turn in to the festival. The aura is nothing less than ecstasy. For the next four days Bonnaroovians live a life of freedom full of beautiful music and beautiful people.

      With shows beginning at noon and continuing until sunrise, there’s little time to rest, not to mention the blazing sun ruining any chance of a mid day nap. The dust cakes your body and any food in sight is four dollars over priced. Sounds like all the ingredients for misery, right? Actually, just the opposite. It’s all part of the experience, and no matter how you spend your day, whether in the front row of your favorite shows, on a blanket in the back, or kicking back at your campsite a smile will constantly be on your lips. There is no doubt you’ll make new friends and meet someone with an old, beautiful soul. A feeling of acceptance overwhelms each and every person and no judgments are passed because everyone is there for the same reason: the love of music.

         Bonnaroo is a festival for the fans. With a line up that consistently caters to all genres of music, no one goes an hour without witnessing a show of their dreams. From massive rap artists like Jay-Z to the smaller alternative bands like The Head and the Heart, there is always a concert for everyone.Although the temperature drops drastically at night, it is doubtful you’ll feel anything less warm with nights that are long and filled with dancing. The insomniac event fills the stages with the world’s biggest DJs and rappers, while the youth make up a crowd that is ready to jump, groove, and get down all night long. In 2013 Pretty Lights performed for a crowd for a total of six hours, playing “Finally Moving” as the sun rose to the east. It’s moments like that that stick with you forever.

        Only at Bonnaroo can you find yourself on stage with ASAP Rocky. Only at Bonnaroo can you wonder for hours through campsites and continue to find new, hidden surprises. Only at Bonnaroo can music fill every hour of your day. This four-day weekend is worth every penny, as any past Bonnaroo goer can tell you. Although people (myself included) try to put Bonnaroo in to words, it is truly an adventure people must experience for themselves. At the end of the weekend you’ll leave a new person, wondering how the four days passed so quickly, and immediately counting down the sunsets until next year.

Written By: Rachel Oldham