Camp Bisco a No-Go for 2014

    Since 1999, the jam band The Disco Biscuits has thrown a massive festival called Camp Bisco for electronic and jam music, featuring themselves and a wide range of talents including Big Gigantic, STS9, Skrillex, and Bassnectar. A large following of both the band and the festival have resulted in the last three years being completely sold out. With all the support the festival receives, it came as a huge surprise when The Disco Biscuits and their partners MCP Presents announced on Thursday that Camp Bisco will not be held in 2014.

      The announcement, while optimistic about the festival returning in 2015, remains cryptic as to why it is cancelled for this year. As the Camp Bisco facebook page reads, "After much deliberation and tireless efforts to make Camp happen this year, we had to make the tough decision to take a year off." With the success of the last few years, the issue clearly isn't financial. As unclear as the reasons are, some rumors were circulating earlier in the year when the promoters for the festival hadn't yet applied for the licenses necessary.

        Though the cancellation is disappointing and the lack of information frustrating, The Disco Biscuits and MCP Presents leave off on a positive note. They promise, "We will be coming back in 2015 with an amazing event that will cater to the needs, wants and wishes of Camp Bisco's most faithful and valued attendees!" Hopefully, they will stay true to their word and next year will more than make up for the loss of 2014.


Written By: Kael Parker