LIVE On Stage: Chance the Rapper

Listening to artist’s singles and albums paints a picture of their musical journey, however, seeing an artist live can create an entirely different experience.  Chance Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper, is the creator of both the albums #10Day and Acid Rap.  Each album showcases songs with major focus on rap lyrics set to very melodic background music.  When listening to Chance the Rapper’s albums, the music behind the lyrics is much more harmonious than the general bass-focused beats of most rap songs.  However, in a live setting, the instrumentation of Chance the Rapper’s songs takes center stage having an equal importance to his characteristic voice that adds further to the musicality.

Performing live, Chance the Rapper is accompanied by a drummer, trumpeter, keyboardist, pianist, and guitarist.  During his Social Experiment Tour, he engulfs his shows in intense and beautifully orchestrated music while adjusting his voice to supplement the instruments. The differences in his live performances slightly change the melody and vocalization of his songs, but combined together create a unique concert all while emphasizing Chance’s one of a kind characteristics.

At each show, Chance the Rapper has a tendency to keep his audience waiting.  After moments of confusion and excitement, usually paired with the crowd chanting his name, wondering when Chance will first appear on stage, Chance the Rapper gives off a call to his audience on the microphone, “oooo ooooo!” The crowd goes wild with excitement.  Chance the Rapper’s live shows have a major emphasis on his latter album Acid Rap, playing only a few songs from #10Day.  However, the audience at a Chance the Rapper show is constantly involved.

While on stage Chance the Rapper is sure to connect with his audience on an emotional level. Chance talks with his audience, encouraging them to participate in the show and really connect to the music he sings. When looking around at both his shows at the Ogden Theatre on April 16, 2014 in Denver, Colorado and Bonnaroo 2014, everyone in the audience is singing and dancing as one collective crowd that all came to see Chance the Rapper play his music.  Having a tendency to somewhat disappear in the middle of the show, the audience goes wild when Chance gives his signature “oooo ooooo!” and reappears on stage.

Overall, Chance the Rapper’s albums show a lot of what the artist has to offer, but his live performances create an entirely new perspective of his songs.  From the slower melodies to the upbeat, Chance the Rapper gives his success to the crowd, thanking them, and making them a part of his entire musical creation.  Swaying to the sounds of the trumpet, guitar, keyboard, piano, and drums, Chance the Rapper’s live performance is molded into a orchestrated experience unlike his albums and the typical expectations of a rapper.


Written By: Andrea Inscoe