Christmas Music: Too Soon


By Taylor Robinson

We as humans tend to have this distinct need to celebrate everything, which can be a quality trait to acquire except when it comes to hearing “Jingle Bells” in November.  Don’t get me wrong; I am the first one to be playing Christmas tunes, but there is a reason for the saying, “tis’ the season”.

Shoppers are beginning to hear these jolly tunes in stores all across America as early as November 15th. The most notorious stores for these antics are big chain retailers like Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, and especially the department stores. It just seems downright wrong to be listening to Christmas tunes right after I put away my Halloween costume. At first, hearing Christmas music, especially on the radio, brings about a sort of nostalgia among the listeners. As the same songs play over and over they become meshed together as if Santa is playing some kind of joke on all of us.


I strongly would argue that shoppers across America would not be opposed to starting the ‘wave of Christmas’ on the first of December. This gives us just enough time to digest the Thanksgiving feasts and put up the lights on the tree. There is music to celebrate every holiday; that’s what music is used for, to celebrate. We should start enjoying every holiday to spend it with family and friends rather than rushing to get it over with. We as humans naturally associate this jolly holiday with Winter, cold, snow, and spending money on presents for the homies. All of which are some of my favorite things, but only when the season comes. Christmas carols belong in December.