Classic Album: Tapestry

In the early 70’s, my dad went to see James Taylor in Philadelphia. The opening act was a young woman that no one had previously heard of. The moment she started playing, everyone was in love with her voice and musical style. At the end of her set, people only wanted more. James Taylor could wait. Within the next few days, her album Tapestry was sold out everywhere.

Tapestry is a quintessential 1970’s album, yet it manages to withstand time as well. The

album is one of the best selling albums of all time. It won four Grammy’s and sold over 25 million copies worldwide. On Rolling Stone’s “Top 500 Albums of All Time”, Tapestry was ranked 36th.

The music on the album is superb. King’s piano playing, coupled with a host of great background musicians creates a sound that defines easy listening. The songs range from upbeat, “I Feel The Earth Move”, to more intimate tracks, like “So Far Away”. The songwriting on Tapestry  often focuses on a longing for friendships and relationships. King’s lyrics are a part of her; she sings them with a calm conviction.

There is a passion in King’s Tapestry which is really refreshing. That’s a really important quality in a record. To be able to hear the depth and sentiment within the music makes a record really stand out. Perhaps this is the reason, or one of many reasons, that Tapestry was so successful.

Written by: Jona Block