Thee music festival of America, Coachella has become a common bucket-list item among young adults around the nation. Boasting an unbelievable line-up every year. This year being no different, Coachella will hold two weekends packed full of artists such as Muse, Outkast, Skrilllex, Foster the People and Flume. Unlike past years, ‘Chella 2014 will have more EDM artists than it ever has, showing just how popular the genre is getting.


   The small town of Indio, California gets more tourism the two weekends of April 11-13th and 18-20th than any other time of year when the sun dazed music crazed festivalgoers bring the desert to life. Coachella seems to be a house hold term, given that just about everybody knows somebody that has gone. All this hype isn’t just for show; Coachella knows exactly what it’s doing, this being their 15th consecutive year running the festival. It’s said that once one attends Coachella, they will be forever hooked, longing for the feeling of dust in their lungs and constant ear ringing; let me tell you, it’s true.

   Pulling into the camp site and seeing those signature palm trees lining the back side of the grounds gave me an unreal feeling of excitement and anticipation. For those who choose to camp, congratulations! You will get to experience not only the festival, but also the unique people and uncanny shenanigans that happen around the camp sites

24/7. For those who would prefer to go to bed clean each night in a nice warm bed, there are plenty of nice hotels (with pools!) that live to host Coachella goers. Either way, you will leave looking nothing like you did when you arrived, in the best way possible. While trying to untangle the dread formed in my hair from three consecutive nights sleeping in a van, all I could do was think about how I would never feel as free and magical as I did in that desert with nothing but the music rushing through my blood.

        People of all ages and origins go to Coachella, as well as all types of musical acts. This year as I said, will host many more EDM acts such as Disclosure, Big Gigantic, Adventure Club, Calvin Harris, Netsy, Dillon Francis and many others… Coachella also knows how to stay true to their origins; over the course of three days, you’ll get a nice dose of acoustic music along with your heaping pile of bass. If the legendary musical performances aren’t enough to swoon you, the festival offers yoga for campers, a silent disco, free showers, an intimidating line up of food trucks and VIP camping in luxury. Tickets to both weekends of this dream vacation sold out within half a day, but not to worry! They can be found on craigslist by those who have the misfortune of no longer being able to attend. If you don’t go, there will be no shortage of stories about it from those who left their hearts in the desert.

Written By: Melanie Gordon