Coachella: Who You Just Can't Miss


Day 1: Flume

Everybody has their own individual taste when it comes to electronic music, but people across the world are all agreeing the 22-year-old Australian producer, Flume, is all the rage. Though he doesn’t communicate with the crowd much, his show speaks loud and clear for him. He’s got a hell of a light show, and the music soars from Pink Floyd-esque outer space sounds to Notorious B.I.G. samples- never leaving a moment for the crowd to rest. It’s always interesting to find out which lucky DJs play the coveted night time shows, but I’d be willing to bet Flume’s got a good shot!


Day 2: The Head and the Heart

Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with this band. With a nearly flawless sophomore album, these guys are hitting the festival scene all over the country this summer. The six-piece band will undoubtedly be playing an easy-going, relaxing afternoon show perfect for rejuvenating your weary body and overwhelmed ears. Although each member brings a special element to their sound, singer and violinist Charity Rose Thielen is who truly rockets them to the tippy top of the folk-rock genre. Her voice rises to every occasion with a softness that warms up even the coldest of winter days. So, bring a blanket to sit on and be still as The Head and the Heart serenade the sunbaked Coachella crowd.


Day 3: Lana Del Rey

First of all, to all those that are fortunate enough to attend Coachella in 2014- please, for me, acknowledge just how privileged you are to witness the stunning Lana Del Rey live in concert. It is no secret her tours have few American stops, and although her upcoming tour has a total of twelve US shows, her fans are begging for more. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss the opportunity to grace your ears with her sultry croons in a refreshing concert that is all about the music. A minimalist approach, Lana’s live performance is focused not on the light show or an over the top set, no, her show is only concerned with the euphony. Supply her with the adoration she deserves, and who knows, maybe she’ll return the love with a fully embellished American tour.


Written By: Rachel Oldham