Counterpoint: Camping or Glamping?


A festival as epic as Counterpoint takes a lot of planning - not only from the company that runs the whole show, but also for the attendee. One problem ticket purchasers may come across is the decision between regular camping or “glamping”, or a luxury stay with many amenities provided. The truth of the matter is that this decision is entirely up to the individual… and probably their pocketbook as well.

At Counterpoint, there are multiple options on where to spend the night after a day of music, food, and art. Festival goers are required to park their cars in a special lot for the duration of the three day event, and be warned that Counterpoint enforces strict rules that any vehicles parked on the grounds stay on the grounds. Restrooms, showers, food vendors, lockers, cell phone charging stations, a general store and more can all be found in the area. The rest of one’s necessities should be packed and ready to go before the festival starts.

 Those wishing to have a more luxurious place to pass the time while not raging at one of the many stages should look into Counterpoint’s glamping option. For a slightly higher cost, glampers get to rest their tired bodies in a safari-style tent containing a table and two chairs, beds with complete sets of linens and pillows, a security lock to keep belongings safe inside, overhead lighting, and a décor unique to each tent. To further impress, glampers also have access to a 24 hour concierge service, a community tent filled with games, food, and more. Topping off the list of allures of the glamping option is, wait for it….flushable toilets. Glamping provides everything necessary for a comfortable stay; just remember to bring clothes, towels, and other personal essentials.

 For the braver, more rugged attendees, tent and car camping are viable choices. Tent camping and car camping each have specified areas on the festival grounds, and each plot of land is designated to one reservation. To make camping easier on everyone, staff included, campers should keep in mind that space is limited between tons of tents, so taking up more room than necessary is not cool. Wagons are an excellent idea to bring along for the sole purpose of hauling all the gear needed to set up camp. The parking lot to the campsite is a little bit of a trek and should not be underestimated. As far as car camping goes, this is not a bad option either. “Carmpers” are entitled to a 30 foot by 10 foot space, in which they can fit their vehicle and also a tent. The same rules apply as tent camping, but with the opportunity for VIP. VIP car camping includes a drive-in spot, free showers, climate controlled, flushable toilets, and more.

    No matter what choice of camping is made, or maybe the whole camping thing is bypassed and a hotel is chosen instead, Counterpoint 2014 is going to be an absolute blast. Be sure to check out Counterpoint’s website for a list of things to bring along, things to leave at home, and rules about residing in the campground area for the duration of the festival.

Written By: Jaelyn Kohl