EDM Goes to the Superbowl

Electronic dance music is everywhere. If you turn on the radio, you’re bound to hear some synth and drops in nearly every song on a pop radio station. EDM is playing in clubs, arenas, movies, and even on your TV. Super Bowl viewers mayhave been pleasantly surprised when commercials aired featuring the music of some of the biggest names in EDM.

     Year after year, Budweiser undoubtedly has some of the most memorable and talked-about Super Bowl commercials. They paired up with Zedd and played his new tune “Find You” alongside with their advertisement for Bud Light Platinum. However, Budweiser didn’t stop there by collaborating with EDM artists. Another Super Bowl ad for Bud Light debuted Afrojack’s newest song “Ten Feet Tall.”

  Beats Music also played a snippet of moombahthon artist Dillon Francis’ “I.D.G.A.F.O.S.” The commercial depicted Ellen Degeneres dancing to different tracks, including Francis’.Ellen Degeneres dancing to Dillon Fancis’ IDGAFOS during the Super Bowl commercials.The spread of EDM is undeniable. It would be hard to go a full day without hearing some form of it, whether it be on TV, radio, or at a club. The fact that electronic dance music has spread to an event as notorious as the Super Bowl solidifies, it has proven to have a gigantic impact on music and our culture.





Written By: Kael Parker