Emerging Artist - Late Night Radio

        Alex Medellin, better known by his stage name, Late Night Radio, is a Houston born, Denver based electronic producer. Specializing in electro-soul, this rising artist slows down the tempo and breaks down each four-beat sample by adding in short vocal samples and catchy yet effective guitar riffs. Alex is very very skilled at incorporating  a variety of other unique sounding instrumental samples such as two-step drum beats and smooth hitting bass lines. Combined with a fluent vocal chorus and smooth underlying chord progressions. Late Night Radio provides for the perfect combination of new school electro funk and old school soul, hip-hop, or jazz music.

         Late Night Radio’s sound can be compared to some of the slower tracks from producers such as Gramatik, Pretty Lights, and perhaps even Griz. Tracks such as “Collaboration” and “If Only” perfectly exemplify the laid back progression of most of this man’s work. Other production such as “For Dreamers” and “Hole in the Wall” go to show how intimate his sounds can really be and also display the tremendous amount of time and effort that go into each individual song. Late Night Radio has also started a collection of “Vinyl Restoration” mixes which have been racking up the plays on Soundcloud. These mixes tend to average around 45 minutes in length and cover a wide spectrum of classic vinyl-type sounds that incorporate a smooth electro twist. Perfect for studying or just relaxing, these restorations make for some of the chillest mixes one might find.

          Alex has made incredible headway during his time on the electronic scene, and now finds himself touring with the like of Michal Menert and Griz on his countrywide “Power in Numbers” tour. During his set at Winter Warmer Festival in Denver earlier this year, Medellin warmed up the crowd perfectly by remixing a bunch of his most classic sounds. This performance was such a success that Alex even landed his own headlining show at Boulder’s Fox Theater. This show turned out to be nothing short of incredible, as Medellin hit the crowd with numerous new unreleased tracks and incorporated a live guitarist, Cory Wythe, better known by his stage name Marvel Years, flawlessly.

         It is truly no surprise that Late Night Radio is receiving such great reviews from such a wide audience of listeners. Larger electro-soul artists are all increasingly becoming more and more eager to get a chance at collaborating with this rising young producer. Each new release only seems to further exponentially expand his fan basis. Keep an eye out for Late Night Radio, as he is sneaking his way into a few festival lineups this summer. Although his name isn’t atop the list, his performance is surely going to be one that you are not going to have missed. Give it a few more short years, and Late Night Radio will surely be one of the largest electro-soul producers on the scene.


Written By: Cooper Turley