Emerging Artist - Alison Wonderland 

           Alison wonderland has swept song rankings in Australia for the past couple years now. This year alone Alison reached number one song on Hypemachine.com for her song “I Want U.” Yet this is only the beginning of her career, with her new EP coming out on June 27th there is a lot of excitement brewing up for this release. Alison wonderland can be compared to that of America’s own “Trap” but she also incorporates her own style that I’ve never heard before. She isn’t just a DJ but a producer to be reckoning with. Iconic Irish DJ Annie Mac described her work as “The best party set I’ve heard in a long time.” Completely conquering main stages at huge festivals like Future Music Festival, SXSW, Good Vibrations Music festival I can see why the infamous Annie Mac said that.

           Alison Wonderland is a DJ from Sydney, Australia, although she launched her DJ career two years ago one can see that her popularity amongst the Aussie electronic scene has been growing exponentially. This year alone Alison will be conducting her “Wonderland Warehouse Project” which has completely sold out for each of her locations in Melbourne, Perth, Brisdane, Sydney, and the Gold Cost. Once on tour two other bright DJ’s will be accompanying her on this unforgettable tour. The two other artists being “future-funk” sounding WAVE RACER along with the “funky fresh disco vibes” of Young Franco. What Alison does that no other DJ (that I’ve seen) has done is that with each stop on her tour it is in a secret warehouse location. The relevance behind this tour is to show the Australia rave scene how she likes to party. Alison has spent months personally wondering amongst the country to find the optimal warehouse space where she can show everyone how she likes to party. On her tour she will also be bringing her “cube-show” that will not only create a unique experience for every attendee but also incorporate a personalized lighting system that will blow you away.

    Wonderland’s style of music in my opinion could have only done by a non-American. What i mean by that is through each Wonderland song she uses a unique sound that isn’t used in average american EDM; she takes it to the next level with all of her songs. Wonderland’s drive behind each song is to have a “party” melody that everyone can get down to. She does this by using a fast tempoed snare, with her own organic voice infused in each track. Yet she also incorporates a smooth electronic tempos that’ll make anyone who listens to it to become galvanized through each bone in their body.  Through her song “Get Ready” (feat. Fishing), with every lyric sung she mixed to incorporate deep heavy drops that make you want to take a shower after due to how grimey the track presented itself as.

           With songs like “Get Ready”, “I Want U” and multiple remixes such as “Come Down” and “Shuffle a Dream” Wonderland will be swooping the charts in no time. Not only in the land down under but it’s only a matter of time until Wonderland takes over American music charts.


By: Chris Urbanek