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Photo not owned by BFS   

Photo not owned by BFS


For those of you who are into the increasingly popular genre of  “Glitch hop” – you might want to check out a producer who goes by the name of “CloZee”. ChloÉ Herry- AKA  “CloZee” is a 21 year old student from Toulouse, France - who is majoring in Sound Engineering – and let me tell you; she has certainly picked the right path. Herry began her music career at the age of 11 with classical guitar – and by age 16 she began producing electronic music. It wasn’t until 2009 that CloZee was officially born-  in 2012 Herry took another step forward in the music business when she became OckeFilm’s official beatmaker.

CloZee's latest EP album    Artwork by Lulu Taouri 

CloZee's latest EP album  

Artwork by Lulu Taouri 

CloZee’s most recent releases:  “falcon”  & “Inner peace”- a 3 track EP album, are nothing short of absolutely magnificent. 

CloZee stands out among the wave of up and coming producers because she brings something very unique to the table.  

It is clear she knows her way around a soundboard because she can quite literally convert music into art by pairing beats with the raw sound of live instruments and the perfect amount of bass- it really cant be beat.  She is a master at creating new and interesting music with the use of exotic instruments and unfamiliar beat patterns and never fails to put her own recognizable touch on each song she remasters.

photo not owned by BFS

photo not owned by BFS

For now, most of her upcoming shows seem to all be in France, but i can't imagine it will be long until she makes her way to the U.S. When i listen to CloZee, I have a very strong feeling she is just on the brink of becoming an artist who is more widely recognized for her innate sense of sound.

See for yourself. 

photo not owned by BFS

photo not owned by BFS

Good music is something that simply can't be put into words- It should speak for itself. 








written by: Jordan Matthews