Emerging Artist: Frisky D!ngo

Frisky D!ngo is not only a hysterical TV show from the US, but also an electronic artist by the common name of Jake Ranney out of Denver, CO. Lately, Frisky D!ngo has been a DJ, performing at small venues around the Denver area as well as Steamboat Springs, but his goals take him far outside the reach of simple mixing, for he plans to start creating more and more of his own unique sound through producing. With the help of his Kaoss 3 Pad, Frisky D!ngo will be causing havoc in clubs all over the country, just you wait.

Jake grew up in Denver, right in the midst of a growing electronic scene. The scene intrigued him because of its friendliness and wide variety of people. Nowadays, with electronic music branching into so many different subgenres, it’s very easy to find your own niche. Beta Nightclub (on Blake Street) and Club Vinyl (South of Colfax Ave) were the magical places of music that really got the Frisky D!ngo thing going. After seeing countless DJs throwing it down – and paying the insufferable cover charges – Jake thought to himself, “If I’m going to pay money to see these people doing this, why shouldn’t I give it a try?”

After some time and practice, Frisky D!ngo began throwing together mixes that represented his interests. Much of his music falls into the categories of disco, electro house, and the occasional grime. Influences of his music include renowned Fat Boy Slim, banger Boys Noize, and rave producer Chuckie. However, one of the most important influences that Jake experienced was his own father, a blues/jazz musician. With 26 guitars and various foreign oddities for instruments, it was impossible for Jake to be uninterested in music. Naturally, with so many incredible opportunities of music, Frisky D!ngo loves to throw in some blues, old school funk, or classic rock into his sounds, just to mix it up a little bit more. You can almost always catch a Nirvana chord or an Eric Clapton riff somewhere in the middle of all the other sounds blasting in his set.

So what’s in store for Frisky D!ngo? Well, during the day he’s working in the kitchen, chopping, mixing, and creating…not too different than music producing if you think of the basics. The outdoors is really where Jake feels at home, whether it’s shredding the slopes on his board or simply just wandering around the majestic Colorado scenery. He mentioned to me that it is one of his ambitions to play a show outside…perhaps his future leads him to Electric Forest one day. Since his music had taken a backseat for a quick minute, he says that he is ready to go out and hit it full force. Especially for Bass Feeds The Soul, he created a new track on SoundCloud called Metatron’s Mix. Hear it here.  

Written By: Jaelyn Kohl