Emerging Artist- Gavin Lamp

Photo via Gavin Lamp

Photo via Gavin Lamp

Gavin Lamp, a brilliant up-and-coming EDM artist, has given me the opportunity to not only write about and listen to his unique music, but be more than just a peer in high school. His hybridized dubstep and trance style separates him from other artists, as he has been working on his own unique sound for many years.

Gavin began producing his own beats in 8th grade. He remembers spending hours a day on his computer, eventually landing an internship with Epicenter Studios his junior year, giving him the confidence to make music for the rest of his life. He recalls, “In 2013, I knew that this was going to be something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

After experiencing being a live DJ for several weeks at local hookah bars and teen clubs, Gavin decided he’d rather go back to his roots, produce his own music on his computer, and rely on his vast knowledge of electronic beats to further his career as an artist.

Despite discouragement from some peers, Gavin pushed on to pursue his dream and talent. Since his high school graduation, he has excelled in producing tracks and perfecting his unique sound. His most anticipated track, “Steel”, is a friendly collaboration with an old friend who goes by the name EKG. The two artists expect to “make a big impact,” as the track will be coming out soon.

Additionally, Gavin already has an extensive SoundCloud account, so go check him out! https://soundcloud.com/gavinlamp   


By: Morgan Gallo