Emerging Artist - Just A Gent

Just A Gent (pictured on the right) during a live performance with Emoh Instead.   

Just A Gent (pictured on the right) during a live performance with Emoh Instead.


          Jacob Grant is a 16 year old producer out of Newcastle, Australia. At such an early age, this talented young lad is yet another hidden gem out of the recent flood of house producing Australian artists. Just a Gent is responsible for starting one of the newest sub genres in electronic music notoriously dubbed love trap. This unique style of sound combines the high energy of progressive house with the laid back trap kick that has taken the music scene by storm. Not to mention, most of these unique remixes include the use of different instruments that are cut down and sampled in short yet intimate sequences. A recent releases of his remix of the American’s Authors hit single, Best Day of My Life, has now accumulated over 700,000 plays on Soundcloud alone, and had also worked its way up to the number one position within a few short weeks on the highly acclaimed HypeMachine. This song alone perfectly encompasses the glory of Grant’s sound, capturing the catchy lyrics that everyone has come to love, and smoothly adding an insane upbeat twist that sends a rush of energy through your veins. Similar productions, such as his original piece of beauty entitled Sovereign, also demonstrate this unique new flow and perfectly represent this sub-genre’s powerful energy during the first and second drops. Numerous remixes by Just A Gent have been circulating and posted countless times on sites such as Thissongissick, and his new productions are only increasing the young gentleman’s popularity. With each new release, this artist is able to demonstrate a new, unique style of flow that makes you want to continually play his songs on repeat. Add some of his tunes to a party playlist, and instantly watch the crowd burst in energy as everyone rushes to the computer to see what song was just dropped.

           Oh wait, did you notice that this young genius is only 16 years old? That’s right, at such a young age this guy has already put out all of these tunes and the future is only looking brighter and brighter. He has already partially began touring Australia, and it is only a short matter of time before this lad strolls on over to the United States. With such an exponentially increasing fan basis, it is safe to say that this young man will be selling out venues within a few short years. If you happen to be lucky enough to catch Just A Gent playing a live set, know you are getting to witness glory at an insanely early age. There is nowhere to go but up from here for this average gentleman making your not so everyday dance music.  Teaming up with other rising producers such as Wave Racer, these artists live performances are some of the most euphoric one can find. Also playing at festivals such as Courtyard Party in Sydney this past Easter Sunday, Just a Gent has been receiving nothing but positive reviews from his listeners. Similar artists such Kilter, $aturn,  Hundaes, and Kasbo are all joining in on this new movement of sound to create a new wave of uplifting energy unlike anything heard before.  

           Receiving shout outs from huge names such as Dillon Francis, Kill Paris, Flume, and What so Not, don’t be surprised if you hear some love trap make its way into some live sets this summer, as this new stream of sound is taking the world by storm. Make way for this young gent, because as soon as school ends and summer takes its turn, there is no looking back. Already signed to Wave Racer’s label Die High Records there is about to be a flood of love trap released to the general public that is going to curve the electronic scene in a uniquely positive manner. Since the age of 8, this lad has been making euphoric beats for us to enjoy, and before long all this hard work is going to seriously start paying off. We can only sit back and appreciate this young man’s creativity as he starts to explode into the electronic world. Give it some time, and not before long Just a Gent is going to be killing it on his very own headlining US tour.  


Written by: Cooper Turley