Emerging Artist - Nick Vann

Some people are just born with a special appreciation for music and the ability to demonstrate it. An innate musical aptitude is embedded in them at birth and they are destined to share their talent with the world. Nick Vann is a beautiful example of this raw talent. Through his music, you see that he has been blessed with a unique gift. He has a keen ear for good music and an extraordinary sense of rhythm.

Being born and raised in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Nick was exposed to great music at a young age. His fascination with music became clear to him in fourth grade when he got the U2 iPod. The Edge (guitarist for U2) really inspired Nick with his ability to challenge and push sonic borders. Nicks appreciation for music just continued to grow from there, listening to as much as he could get his hands on. A dance festival at Red Rocks was a largely defining moment in Nick’s life regarding his music. “I was in awe of the way the crowd moved, vibed, and raised the energy. I was fascinated with the techniques the DJ’s used to manipulate, lead, and surprise the crowd in such a way. Directly after that show I went home and downloaded Virtual DJ”. He was hooked. He started making tons of mixes and mashups, downloading any mix he could get his hands on and emulating new techniques to them, becoming quite the mix junkie. The point that put him where he is today was seeing Pretty Lights on December 30, 2011 in Broomfield, Colorado. Never had he seen a room grooving with such authentic energy before. Ever since then he has been dreaming about being up on stage; taking the crowd on a journey similar to the one he went on that night.

His musical style has developed through his experiences and crosses many genres, forming a unique combination of electronic, funk, buzzing synth lines, glitch, and much more. His music doesn’t really pertain to one genre or any genre though. “It’s easy to fall into making a specific genre or type of music that already exists, because you know it “works”, but Its harder to put your own spin on something – you don’t know if people will like it. People get scared of being disliked, so they follow whatever they know works. People like Ray Charles and Pretty Lights have put their own spin on music and that's where I want to go. I don’t want to sound like anyone else". Nick really loves the idea of bringing old and new styles of music together. Being able to revisit an old style of music and incorporate that into this generation’s music is really something exciting.

Nicks biggest musical influences include the PLM crew, Ray Charles, Emancipator, Grateful Dead, and all his friends that are pushing the envelope of whatever passion they’re pursuing. But what really inspires and influences Nick’s music are his experiences. “Today, almost anywhere, you can have a soundtrack for any situation – walking, driving, chilling…” Nick hopes for his music to be that soundtrack.

Next month, on May 28 Nick Vann will be opening for JJ Evanoff and Lucid Vision at Cervantes Masterpiece in Denver, CO. With such a magnificent combination of great music and beautiful souls, this is a show you most definitely don’t want to miss.



Written By: Meghan Hargaden