Emerging Artist - Trippy Turtle

Photo By Madi Lawton

Photo By Madi Lawton

           Trippy Turtle is a rising electronic producer fresh out of Norway. Since a young age, this young man has been mixing around with a wide variety of songs and samples. With influences from a small self-formed group of friends entitled FoFoFadi Collectives, Trippy and a few close unnamed friends engaged in long collaborative session where they were able to play around with a wide spectrum of beats and sounds in order to find noises that best suited their likings. Although each of these individuals has their own unique spin on the tunes they have created, Trippy Turtle decided to coin one sample that will forever be known as Trippy’s sound. This sample is a prominent, energetic background beat that can be heard in essentially every single one of Trippy Turtle’s releases. Along with the classic “I like turtles” video sensation vocal clip, this intellectual young turtle is increasingly gaining recognition with each new track he comes out with.

               Remixing well-known artists such as Drake and Justice in his guest mix for Diplo on BBC Radio One, this artist adds an unexpected upbeat twist that provides for some of the best dancing music around. Remixes like “Sucka” and “Marvin & Chardonnay” perfectly exemplify the sound Trippy is trying to create. However, when Trippy is not in the production studio, he comes out of his shell and takes on the persona of one of the hypest, most energetic and engaged DJ’s one can find. Rocking a fuzzy tan and green turtle sweater, Trippy is continually bouncing around stage, singing along to some of his favorite tunes and feeding perfectly off the live energy the crowd is providing. This turtle is always able to surprise the audience with unexpected hits that have only very recently hit the American EDM scene. Due to the fact that this artist has been producing at such a young age has even lead many people to believe that Trippy Turtle is in fact a side project of fellow producer, Cashmere Cat. These two are actually completely different people, and although they may share samples and happen to be friends in real life, they both have quite different directions for where they would like to take their music.

               Trippy Turtle is just one of the many foreign producers that are beginning to make their ways onto the American scene, and it is no surprise that these unique individuals are booming with popularity, as they all seem to bring their own new sounds that we are all coming to know and love. Artists such as Flume, Ta-Ku, Wave Racer, and What So Not are all currently racking up the followers on Soundcloud, and with each live set they perform, the fan base only continues to expand. This new sound movement is unique because it combines a new type of bass and chopped vocals that provide an excellent release form all the trap and progressive house that is continually flooding the festival and concert scene. It is interesting to watch how these new artist like Trippy Turtle really seem to capture the average EDM listener’s attention, as most of his releases provide a high energetic attitude from the second the song commences, to the moment the song concludes.

               If you have yet to make it to one of Trippy Turtle’s live shows, be sure to catch at least one of his performances during this festival season. Although this name isn’t atop the headlining acts for the festivals he is playing, this hidden gem will surely make for one of the best day sets one can find. Watch out for the name Trippy Turtle, as his exponential growth leads us to wonder where this young turtle will be in just a few short years.


Written By: Cooper Turley