Emerging Artist: U4euh

While I was at EDC, not too long ago, I randomly met this very rad guy named Jalaya; we had a lot of time to talk while waiting in a 2 hour line for the same ride. Not only did I discover we had some mutual rave family, but I also found out that he produces! 

Check out Jalaya's  a.k.a U4euh (pronounced euphoria) new EP called "On the Prowl."  It consists of hard hitting Electro and incorporates bits of trap and big-room. 

 Anyone in the rave scene can probably say they've felt euphoria at one show or another. Euphoria is the intense feeling of well-being, elation, happiness, excitement, joy and overwhelming sense of contentment. U4euh is becoming known for, attracting a crowd of experienced EDM listeners just like himself, "Veterans" if you will; to create a show based on good vibes and floor crushing bangers.