Our Imaginary Friend: Slow Magic

Everybody’s favorite imaginary friend played a captivating set this year at Global Dance Festival 2015. Breaking the mold of the super star DJ and blazing his own trail, Slow Magic is a truly unique producer and artist. By sticking to anonymity Slow Magic has allowed his listeners to focus on his music, and find their own meaning in his sets, and musical projects. The airy, summery, free and feel good vibes that Slow Magic produces has inspired many and led to a very successful tour and festival career. In 2014 Slow Magic played more than 100 shows, and 2015 has led to even more success. This artist has been on the rise and is truly making waves in the music scene, and GDF this year was only a building block on his future success.

Throughout his Global Dance set Slow Magic would bring his hands close to his heart, and clasp his hands in the air; making gestures of appreciation to the crowd, creating an ebb and flow of admiration between the crowd and himself, making the set much more interactive, and immersive. Midway through the set Slow Magic hopped off of the stage and entered the VIP area which was in the front of the GA area, then he hopped over one more fence into the GA area and began playing his drum out in the crowd. Banging on his drum, and dancing around with his fans, he had everybody at the set smiling and having fun. Near the end of the set he brought his two younger siblings on stage; they were both wearing masks, and playing along with their older brother’s music. It was truly a moment that captured the essence of GDF, family, community, and amazing music.

Slow Magic combines the driving beat of Drum and Bass, with the summery vibes of glo-Fi and chillwave. Utilizing his stage presence he draws in his crowd and guides them through his sets, dancing with them every step of the way. There is something almost mesmerizing about watching Slow Magic on stage, watching him jump up and down while playing drums, and interacting with the crowd, it is a nice break from the “typical DJing” that has seemed to take over the EDM scene. This is an artist that is going places, this is an artist who has extreme potential, and is already surpassing all expectations.

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