Emerging Artists SCHECK & Q Add New Beats to the SoundCloud World

Written by: Taylor Robinson


One of my all-time favorite hobbies is discovering these dope new underground artists that our world’s music is missing out on. A lot of the time nowadays kids listen to whatever everyone else has on their iPhone, and it is just like there is a whole other underground world of bomb music that most music-listeners don’t even know about.

            In one of my avid searches for new tracks on my playlist I came across the artists who go by the name Scheck & Q.  After stalking their SondCloud immensely I had to interview these guys and figure out what inspired them to make these dope tracks. Through growing up in Norwalk, Connecticut Scheck and Q would listen to D-Block, Dipset, or “whatever the hood was banging” at the time. As they grew up they would attend whatever nearby concerts were going on that night, which made them discover what made people really bump to music. Scheck and Q both took the art of making music and studied it as they went to Ultra and Bisco, which is how they began observing, “how people reacted to certain tracks”. When I asked what types of music or artists inspire you they responded with, “we are inspired by all other music. If the song sounds good, it is good. It doesn’t matter what the genre is; it is just like women, if the lady looks good she will look good purple, green, or pink…we are at a point in our lives where everyone is done with their dreams or stopped dreaming…they received a diploma and started trying how to make money from it. Not us”. This is exactly why I have and will always have such a profound respect for artists because they take music for what is and they make it something that people live for and are inspired by. These artists believe that what pushed them to start making tracks was seeing other artists produce their own music and making their way in the music industry.

            As of right now Scheck and Q are not pushing their music like other artists tend to do by spamming all different types of socially media. These artists truly believe in what they do and continue to do what they love by setting a backbone and getting a buzz around the Internet first.  “We know what the people want, and we got it”.



Some favorites: