May 18th, Hang Out Music Festival

Sunday at The Hang Out was a bit of a struggle. The driving, sleeping in a tent, and running around the festival for three days finally caught up to us, and we were pretty tired. 


That is, until we went to the festival to kick off the day with Caked Up! Who threw a ridiculously rowdy set. Too bad Madi forgot to put the battery in her camera and wasn't able to get photos. Total face palm moment. 


The rest of the day was spent sprinting from stage to stage seeing SOJA, Mimosa, Bastille, Boys Noize, Zedd and Outkast! The best part of the day was definitely watching Zedd's set back stage! We were dancing around like crazy people and actually got the majority of the people to dance along with us. But really, how can you NOT get down to zedd? Besides he's absolutely adorable, and my (Madi's) DJ crush. 


Okay, I just want to say to all of you people that were at Coachella and Counterpoint that hated on Outkast---  STOP. They threw a straight PARTY.  The entire beach was full of people dancing and singing along to every single word. We were able to watch the set from the VIP pool with Caked Up. Plus they slipped and told us they would be at EDC Las Vegas this summer!!!  We spent the entire set dancing and jumping around on beach chairs. We like to pretend we knew all of the words to the songs they played, but really could only sing along to Hey Ya, Roses, and the Chorus to Ms. Jackson. Regardless, it was an absolute BLAST and the best part of the festival. 


The festival closed out with a fireworks show---- I never wanted it to end.  


Afterwards, we experienced the classic assholes in the parking lot after a festival. We accidentally cut off a guy and he FLLOWED us to a gas station and started yelling at us. It was actually hilarious because we were literally only going 15 mph when we did it to and Kylie TOTALLY told him off while I sat there laughing. Go Kreagz. 


We had a last minute change of plans, and instead of driving ALL the way back to Colorado we drove to my hometown in Michigan!  


We're chilling out here for a few days to regroup and get the rest of our coverage posted before we head to Summer Camp Music Festival this weekend in Illinois!  


Peace and Love, 


Madi and Kylie