May 24, Summer Camp Music Festival

Saturday was absolutely crazy! We had so so so much stuff to do! We woke up and went straight to the media building to start editing photos and getting things posted. 


We kicked off the day with Cherub's set! Which was nothing short of absolute rowdiness! I was SO excited to be able to be in the pit, I got some great shots! The crowd was also pretty good sized for the beginning of the day! The best part was definitely when they sang their own rendition of "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris!  


Afterwards we we shot a ETC! ETC! While we waited for out interview with Cherub.  


Finally we got to sit down with Jason and Jordan, I was actually REALLY nervous (and I think you can tell in the first part of the video interview) but after we got talking it was easy to relax because JASON AND JORDAN ARE THE COOLEST! Jason and I even were wearing matching socks, kind of epic. After the interview we of course got a selfie with them! Can't wait to see them again this summer! Definitely two of the coolest guys, and jm not just saying that because I'm thee biggest cherub fan girl on the planet. 


The rest of the night I ran around shooting. Which was awesome but exhausting. Shooting Lotus was a bit of a challenge just because there was SO much dust in the air it made a lot of the shots I was getting look grainy! Some of them even look like they were standing in the middle of fog! 


The he best part about shooting was hands down being able to shoot on stage for ETC! ETC!, HeRobust, and UZ! Definitely a huge honor considering the stage was closed to the rest of the photographers! 


Best set of the night was hands down UZ. SO rowdy! The entire vibe tent was packed and there were people over flowing on the outside! Great way to end the day! 


I called it early last night, I'll be shooting until 3:15am tonight so I figured it was a good idea to chill! Anyways, great second day at the festival!  


Peace and love,  

Madi and Kylie  



Selfie with Cherub! 

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