July 18, Forecastle Festival- Day 1

Yesterday, I departed from Nashville, Tennessee to Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky to cover my first festival as a journalist- Madi and Kylie style.  The Journey was easy, filled with the jams- Chromeo and Cherub- until we got to our hotel and realized there was no way to walk to the festival grounds; in fact there was a big ass bridge over an even bigger river separating us. So back in the car we went!


We finally arrived in time to catch the end of MiMOSA, and explore a bit before St. Lucia came on. We entered through the East entrance and were hit with a rather bland view. There’s a big green field, but being underneath a bridge busy with construction traffic the green seemed a tad depressing. So my advice to all day 2 and 3 goers- enter through the West entrance! From there, you’re thrown head first into the spirit of Forecastle. Art booths line the whole left side, a performer on a unicycle circles you, and a $1 craft beer booth catches your eye in the corner.


Like I said, we caught the end of Mimosa and watched from the back. Usually I’m one for being in the front row, but you get such a better feel for the crowd from behind, and they were absolutely loving MiMOSA. Most of them probably went to his nearly sold out late night set on the Belle of Louisville (a concert on a boat!?) too, but once was enough for me!


Over on the Boom Stage the Local Natives came on at 5:45. By this time the rain had started coming down, but fans braved the chilly weather and crowded the stage for what was to be a beautiful show. Every harmony echoed flawlessly over the hushed crowd resembling those of a Fleet Foxes show. This being my first time seeing Local Natives- I was impressed.  Next was Twenty One Pilots, and actually a show that I wasn’t planning on attending. I heard them from a distance, and was instantly drawn to the energy they were releasing. The duo went above and beyond with their choreography, especially with their drum sets. Multiple times the pair had the willing crowd hold them and the drums up as they beat down in perfect synchronization. The drummer even threw in a back flip to grab to crowd’s love once and for all. As Twenty One Pilots exited the stage I couldn’t help but to give them a round of loud applause and an adoring scream or two- a fan converted.

Let’s talk a little about the food here at Forecastle Fest. It’s amazing, and there’s a lot of it. The only note I have is don’t be fooled by the booths with long lines. I waited in a 15-minute line for a fancy grilled cheese that took another 25 minutes. The worst part… it wasn’t even that good.

Ending the night was the highly anticipated Outkast. And oh my god, they were amazing. They played every hit from Roses to International Player’s Anthem while Andre 3000 pranced around in a black jump suit reading “Obviously Oblivious”.  While head banging to Ms. Jackson I had a thought- you’d think an Outkast crowd would be a predictable group of people, but looking around I saw everyone from a preteen blonde with braces to a woman claiming she’d be crowd surfing if only she wasn’t pregnant. This diversity made me wonder if everyone reacted positively to the often vulgar show in front of them. Naked holograms strutted across screens and teenage girls twerked on stage to Andre’s amusement. This was to be expected though, and my guess is that the crowd walked away having fulfilled all their long awaited Outkast dreams and was ready to hit the bars.