May 16, Hang Out Festival

Hangout fest has redeemed itself! Friday was an absolute blast. The staff was

super nice and really helpful and all the sets were awesome! It was a good day

for us.

There is just so much to write about!

I'll start with the over all venue; Hangout Festival is located on Gulf Shores

beach, they closed down an entire street for it! There's 6 stages and an

incredible lineup. Some of the best parts about the festival are the access to the

beach, the VIP pool area, and the carnival rides at night when they're all lit up.

View of the Main Stage from the VIP area

View of the Main Stage from the VIP area

We got to festival a little bit late, which is understandable considering that we

were abruptly awaken by a park ranger that morning… Our lack of promptness

made us miss HeROBUST's set but we were lucky enough to casually run into

him backstage afterward and even got a selfie with him (we have this thing

where every time we meet a musician we take a selfie with them)! Let me just

say that he is the chillest dude ever and was super friendly.

Selfie with heROBUST

Selfie with heROBUST

The biggest struggle we had that day was finding the media tent… We literally

ran around the whole festival asking every staff member we could find where it

was before we actually found it. (note to other festivals: Be sure that the staff

knows where the media tent is). Also, the Gulf Shore locals who were charging

$20 or more for parking in their yards, that is absurd! Luckily we found a free

spot to park!

RAC killed it. Which was expected. They opened with Lana del Rey's "Blue

Jeans" remix (which Madi freaked out about, it's her favorite song.)

Wiz Khalifa was a bit overwhelming, only because the crowd was nuts. It took us

almost 10 minutes to get from one side of the crowd to another. But then again,

it's Wiz Khalifa, and i'd expect nothing less. It was kind of crazy being in the pit

for it, we were standing next to photographers from MTV, Rolling Stone,

American Songwriter, and Getty Images…. then there was tiny little us. It was an

insanely humbling experience.

Childish Gambino was absolutely incredible! His energy never stopped and he

connected with the crowd unbelievably. I'd definitely recommend seeing him

perform. One of the best parts of his performances was his freestyle rap. We

were lucky enough to be able to watch his set from back stage. We also ran into

heRobust again and chilled with him for a minute.

One of the funniest moment of the first day at Hang Out was when some random

guy was called an asshole by thousands of people while the Queens of the

Stone Age were performing. The Band had just played a song about drugs when

the lead singer singled out some guy in the audience and said "we're singing

about drugs, not assholes!" the guy was apparently pushing some girl around

pretty violently. The guy got what he deserved though, the whole crowd started

chanting asshole at him AND he was shown on the mega screen getting

escorted out by security and policemen. That really sucks.

The VIP Pool area where we watched the Black Keys (about 100 yards stage left of the main stage)

The VIP Pool area where we watched the Black Keys (about 100 yards stage left of the main stage)

The VIP pool area was essential for viewing The Black Keys. The crowd was

gigantic. If you were in the middle of that crowd, there was no getting out. It

seriously stretched AT LEAST 800 yards down the beach. Of course it was a

hard decision to choose between seeing The Black Keys or STS9 so we went to

both! We watched the first half of the Black Keys and ended our festivities by

watching STS9.

…and we camped legally this time, go us!

Peace and Love,

Madi and Kylie