With past artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Passion Pit, and Big Gigantic, Firefly’s success welcomes the festival back for its third year. Set to be held in Dover, DE, from June 19-22, Firefly is the perfect festival for all ages. The Dover International Speedway, a stadium that fills with over 100,000 racing fans each season, stands tall as the backdrop to the camping and parking areas of the festival. Inside “The Woodlands”, through Firefly’s towering arch, an ambiance is created symbolizing a journey through the thick woods in search of hearing your favorite artists.

    Walking through The Woodlands for my first time last summer gave me the feelings of a wandering firefly (hence the festivals name) with complete freedom to roam the woods. My favorite memory of my experience is one night approaching a narrowing in the forest. As we stepped through the fog-covered ground it twisted up around our legs, wrapping us in a thick cloud. Above us floated streaming lights and illuminated, free-floating white umbrellas; long jellyfish-looking light fixtures twinkled overhead. For that moment, the woods were enchanted, and there were no worries holding us back from getting lost. With features like these, Firefly creates an atmosphere of freedom and adventure that would grab the attention of any festivalgoer.

     In 2014 the Firefly woodlands will offer five large and two smaller stages; artists from a wide range of genres, such as Pretty Lights, Outkast, and Twenty One Pilots, will be featured. In December, Firefly held a “Big Break” Competition for unsigned artists with the top three earning a spot to play at the Big Break Stage. With the 2014 combination of great music, a large food variety, and captivating surroundings in The Woodlands, Firefly is bound to hold their best festival yet!

Written By: Andrea Inscoe