From Australia to America Flume Kills It

Harley Streten, better know as Flume, has been the talk of the town with his undeniably catchy tracks and remixes. Since releasing his debut album, at just 22, Flume has traveled around the world being called an electronic genius by anyone who comes across his music. Not only does he get recognition around the globe but he also gets mad props from huge names in the industry like the Mad Decent boss, " His productions sound way better than mine when I first started out- he could probably be bigger than Diplo". When Harley was just thirteen years old he was shopping in a grocery store with his father. While in the cereal aisle, a Nutri-grain cereal box with a promotional CD inside caught young Harley’s attention. The CD was a simple loop-based music program. Harley soon became fascinated with the way music was laid out in layers and could be broken down. For someone who found his first music program in a cereal box, he sure has come a long way.

So why is it that we can't get enough of him and what makes him so unique?

People often admire Flume for his never before heard beats. Although he creates an electronic feel, Flume still maintains a pop structure to the majority of his tracks. Before these pop structure tracks were picked up under his name Flume by a label, Harley produced deep house tracks under the name Heads. It wasn't until the label picked up the Flume tracks that he realized the potential in this work. "The thing is I like all kinds of music. I think that gave me flexibility as a producer to understand how all these genres work. And therefore, I could take the best elements of each genre and put it into one". Having first been introduced to trance, Flume acknowledges that this is where most of his inspiration comes from. When making music he focuses on the euphoric feel while trying to add a hip hop-y feel.

Flume's remix of Hyper Paradise” by Hermitude and his most recent remix of Tennis Court by Lorde are both extremely popular. When remixing, Flume explains that he only adds his own spin on a song if he sees a point in the music that he could take it to the next level. Flume never fails to bring a little something extra to any track he remixes. Whether it be changing the vibe completely or adding something he feels the track needs, Flume never fails to amaze us with these remixes.

So what's next for Flume you ask? When he isn't busy touring around the world he has his new project, What So Not- collab with fellow Australian producer Emoh, to focus all his attention on. Flume plans on taking his album tour back home to Australia after he's done touring the US and Europe. He plans to devote himself more to writing new material once his tour is over. Safe to say Flume is here to stay in the music world and I know I don't speak for myself when I say I cannot wait to see what he comes up with.

By: Taylor Huie