4 Things are a MUST to Bring to Governor’s Ball


By Taylor Robinson



1.     A solid attitude- With any festival or concert it is so critical to be as pumped as possible to see the performances. When music is playing, it is a time to leave the baggage and worries in your un-made bed and dirty laundry, and a time to enjoy the simplicities of life. You should enter the grounds with the outlook that this is going to be the best time of your life because it just might be. Do what you need to do to get stoked for this festival it’s a must.

Photo Taken By Taylor Robinson

Photo Taken By Taylor Robinson



2.     Valid I.D/ Ticket /Money- These are crucial to not only having a good time, but getting into Governor’s ball…Your ticket is your life line. DO NOT FORGET YOUR TICKET. Or else all of your homies will be bumping to Odesza and then Drake while you’re taking the ferry back to the car. There will most definitely be dope merchandise provided at the festival so plan accordingly with your money situation. In the event that you forget Governor’s Ball is locating numerous ATM’s throughout the fairgrounds for your convenience. In addition to your money and ticket, a valid I.D. for those of you who plan on consuming alcohol for those 72 hours will come in handy. The only sober one out of 3,000 others? Not ideal.




3.     Small bag or backpack- Cause why not? You definitely do not want to be the person stuck with everyone’s belongings, so make it small enough to hold your essentials and your essentials only. Governor’s Ball coordinators are allowing festival-goers to bring 2 factory sealed bottles of water that are not glass, which will be helpful to stay hydrated throughout the insane line-up that has been presented. However, there will be numerous water stations throughout the festival grounds; therefore, water bottles are not necessary for your trip.



4.     Good company- There is nothing better than seeing the artists of your dreams live with your crew. This is without a doubt one of the dopest line-ups that has come out this festival season so far, and there is no other way to do it right than being in good company. However, there is no shame in hitting up a festival solo because a festival is a community, you’ll find friends for a lifetime there. Just let the music do its thing.