Gramatik: The Age of Reason

Gramatik has been climbing his way up in the scene, and it’s no wonder why. The producer keeps cranking out tracks that can get a whole room up and dancing. The artist’s style is full of funky beats and groovy bass lines, One thing Gramatik is without a doubt a master of is conveying his emotion in his sound.   He truly expresses himself, making his the music, felt and appreciated deeply by listeners. To create this sound Gramatik uses electronic elements and modern innovation in music technology with old school instrumental vibes to truly create unique, excellent music.

  In his latest album The Age of Reason, Gramatik pulls on his signature sound and feel and punches out a powerful and honestly badass album. The first track off the album, Brave Men ft. Eskobars slowly eases you into the soulful, funky, bluesy, electronic and tasty vibe and allows you to feel hints of everything you should expect over the course of 15 Tracks. The album has a great amount of diversity giving you everything you’d expect from Gramatik’s style with some new and really interesting things. The song Torture You follows the title track with an incredible soulful tone and classic rock sound. The guitar riffs are catchy and if you don’t start rocking your head to it or start tapping your leg, you should definitely try because the moment you do the funky groove will devour you. Pardon My French, an upbeat dancey track inspired by the styles of French Producers like Daft Punk and Justice. In the song you get the deep kick and disco feel of many Daft Punk songs with the funky bass popping lines and sound of Justice’s jams while being tied up with the dynamic and musical progressions out of Gramatik. Fans both old and new can get a grip on Gramatik’s signature style out of the song Bluestep.

 Expect Us changes things up with having more of an upbeat sound on the guitar chords and the lead melody is bluesy but blends together in with the feel of the song.  In the middle there’s an interesting jazz breakdown that pops it’s head up again towards the end of the song, giving the piece an interesting progression and feel.  The album closes things off with a rocking finale, It’s Just a Ride.  The song starts off with a smooth rock sound and an almost ambient build up before kicking in solid electronic bass drums.  As the song progresses the lead guitar really builds dynamically and melodically starting simple and slowly growing in complexity and intensity before laying down thick distorted rock chords that drop things in a great way.  All the while progression, as with the rest of the album keeps together the right amount of weight and sound, nothing too heavy yet all the while still pretty classy and smooth.

     Longtime fans and newcomers to both Gramatik and this style of music will definitely enjoy this album. Its a treat to the ears because of the way it progresses and grooves, its good music with a funky feel. The product; an album perfect to groove to at any occasion.Written  

By: Myka Arawaka