Hat Pins: The Latest Craze

   It’s official, hat pins have now become the next big thing in the Electronic scene. Hat pins are custom designed trinkets inspired by an artist or idea that are produced in large quantities to either be collected or worn on clothing. Most collectors keep an in depth pin board, where different individual pins are placed side by side and shown as a whole collection. But, when these pins are not being shown off as a whole, they can usually be found on Grassroots or artists inspired hat almost anywhere. Hat pins are a form of self-expression, and the person wearing a certain pin is showing respect and their liking for a certain artist or idea. Some of the more common hat pins that are found are based off bigger names in the electronic and jam band scene, with artists like Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Grateful Dead, Lotus, STS9, GRiZ, and the Disco Biscuits accumulating for a huge percentage of these designs.

           A recent auction in the secret Facebook group BNF, or Bassnectar Family, just ended with a final bidding price of $1011. Starting out at a mere $20, this 13 pin auction quickly skyrocket in value, as the price quickly rose to over $500 in just a few days. The pins included in this auction are pictured below, shown from top right down; Voodoo, Nectar Party 1.0, Golden Bass Snitch, Bass Totem3 v2, Bass Totem3 v1, Diamond Cutter, Nugnectar Blue Dream (silver), Basslothstranaut, Nectar Party 2.0, Birdnectgear (all 3 variants), and Nectar Party 1.0 misprint. This auction ended up racking up over 400 comments on one individual post, and ended up including over 30 pins along with additional prints, shirts, and stickers for the winner.

    Although this may seem like a ridiculous amount to pay for any number of hat pins, the winner of this specific auction will probably be able to sell these pins for even more than they got them for, as pins this rare are constantly increasing in value with the increase in demand. For example, the individual NugNectar and Diamond Cutter pins alone can easily be sold for hundreds of dollars. These pins are from original sets that are no longer being produced, and are extremely hard to find. This means that demand for this pins will only increase due to the rarity of them, and with time, so will the price. Twelve of the pins in the original offering were designed by Alex Hull, aka Lex Newtho, with the singular NugNectar pin being designed by Matt Zarlingo and Smiling on a Cloudy Day. These artists are highly well known for their intricate designs and patterns, and presales for their pins often sell out within hours of a post being made.

 Similarly, new auctions in Facebook groups such as PLF (Pretty Lights Family), Lotus Family, and Pretty Big Grizmatik Nectar Family Market are being posted daily, with certain individual Pretty Lights and Lotus pins valuing hundreds of dollars within seconds of an auction starting. Now this is not to say that every hat pin is going to be worth hundreds of dollars someday, as most are usually sold in a price range typically ranging anywhere between $10-$30. But, with the current exponential rise of the electronic scene, and the increasing popularity of electronic producers and DJs, hat pins are becoming a major part of the music culture, and more and more people are joining this trend each day. New designs are being drawn up daily, and everyone is trying to become the next superstar pin producer.

  The future of hat pins is very unclear at this point, but it appears that at this current moment in time, these pins are a gold mine. Highly sought after original pins are only going to keep increasing in value, and with the introduction of thousands of new designs, new intricate pins will also start to significantly increase in monetary value. Pin vendors have realized there is a huge opportunity for success, as festivals and shows are now flooded with artist’s creations, each containing a unique and elegant flow of patterns and colors. New Facebook groups must keep being created daily, as old Family groups are becoming over flooded with pin auction activity and family members asking for opinions on the creation of a new pin design.

  Pin collecting is the newest fad of electronic music, and everyone should get involved. There is no better way to express love for a favorite artist than to rock a dope pin inspired by another fan. Hat pins also provide an excellent way to communicate and connect with fellow peers at a show or festival, as new friends can consistently be seen checking out each other’s hats, or trading various pins amongst each other to spread the love. This scene is so full of positive vibes, and hat pins are one of the main components that help to add to this wonderful energy. It is very interesting to wonder about where hat pins will be in a few years, but for now all we can do is sit back and collect as we cherish the glory of this newly arising music scene we have all come to love.


Written By: Cooper Turley