Emerging Artist- JJ Evanoff & VannPlan



  Wednesday, May 28th, marked the date of new beginnings for a plethora of rising electronic artists at Cervantes - the Other Side in Denver, Colorado. With live visuals from Danny Shanahan on stage, this entire evening was filled with positive vibes and loving energy. The first act of the evening came from Boulder’s very own Nick Vann, as he debuted his first ever live show under the name Vannplan. Sampling classic vinyl sounds and pulling influence from many of his favorite artists, Vann placed an electro soulful twist over many classic songs throughout his performance. Performing his very own productions, it was awesome to see the entire crowd dancing and getting down to the funky beats that Nick provided. His live energy and stage presence really added a lot to his performance, and from the starting “Pink Panther” intro, it was clear lots of serious time and effort went into putting this set together. With releases such as “Anybody Want to Party”, “Slink”, and “Live Like a Warrior”, it was truly something to get to experience this rising artist showcase his work to a live audience for the very first time ever.

    Following a short intermission, Chicago born electro soul artist Dalton Kieta, better known by his stage name Lucid Vision, was next to take the stage. Combining the use of live electric guitar over some filthy soul build-ups, Kieta was able to capture the crowd's full undivided attention perfectly. His original edits that borrowed classic samples in songs such as “When it hits” and “Star Shootin” had the entire audience could be seen getting down to some intimate soulful tunes. During the length of Dalton’s performance, more and more fans began to arrive, and Denver’s very own Alex Medellin, better known by his stage name Late Night Radio, even made an appearance to support his fellow electro-soul producer at this loving event. A member of the group Bass Physics also made an appearance, and with people such as this filling the audience below, it was easy to see the positive vibes flowing throughout the entire crowd. As Kieta’s set began to wind down, the fans were hyped up perfectly for headliner musician JJ Evanoff and lighting designer Danny Shanahan.

    At 10:45 PM, the duo made their on stage and delivered a stellar performance. Similar to what the Polish Ambassador has been doing on his recent tour, Danny added a huge amount of live energy and positive stage presence that helped to add so much to the entire set. JJ was clearly full of excitement to be headlining his first show, and there was nothing but smiles and loving energy being put off from this young producer throughout his entire set.  The crowd flowed with the music beautifully, and as JJ incorporated his own melodic guitar riffs it was awesome to watch the euphoria of all the loving fans in the crowd below. Evanoff was able to spread out the tempos excellently smoothly moving between slower, more elegant sounds to upbeat, trancey vibes that had the entire audience jumping out of their shoes. It was really an incredible sight to see all the friends, family, and fans who came out to support all these great artists on this magnificent evening.  The live visuals combined with the flow of the sound flawlessly and the scenes being displayed on the screen added to the intimacy and energy of the whole performance. After JJ finished his set, he pointed out how encores are planned and fake nowadays, and made sure sure to get the crowd's consensus that they wanted some more music before proceeding to play a few more new releases. Following a beautiful cover of some Daft Punk, the performance came to an end, and a family photo was taken to commemorate the moment. JJ and Danny made sure to give back to the crowd by mingling with the crowd following the set, and it was awesome to see all the love that flowed through the venue at the event's conclusion.

    Overall, this night was full of good times and positive spirits, and a huge shout out must be given to Matt Jensen for putting the whole event together. The crowd the turned out could not have been more ideal, and it was really something to watch these unique acts all doing their thing at such a young age. The future is bright of these young producers, and I’m glad to have gotten to experience this event with them. Keep an eye out for these name in the future, because in just a few short years there is no telling where these talented young men will be.


Written By Cooper Turley