Klangkarussell, German name for sound carousel, is an epic deep house duo with a wicked knack for sexy sax and “music to your ears vocals”. The deep house world has been itching to get a glimpse of this much anticipated album after the early release of Klangkarussell’s impressive first track Sonnetanz (Sun Don’t Shine) which has already amassed hundreds of thousands of listens and has broken the top ten in six different countries. “Netzwerk” already has thousands of downloads on ITunes and on top of that Klangkarussell has amassed almost 200,000 followers on Soundcloud. For only having started producing in 2012, it’s safe to say Tobias Reiser and Adrian Held (Klangkarussell) have nothing but a bright future ahead of them.


Klangkarussell surprises right from the beginning of this album with the track it was named after, Netzwerk. The only way this song can be described is by calling it a crazy mixture of Deadmau5’s Strobe and jazz house. This combination seems unheard of, but the more progressive tempo of this song takes a soulful, yet breathtaking twist on deep house music. This duo stands out among the rest because as each song progresses, more layers of music are delicately placed to create a beautifully produced work of art.

This album also features an amazing remix of the popular rock song Celebrate by Rare Earth that introduces slight influences of future bass with deep house. I wouldn’t even know where to start if someone asked me to put a genre on this song and trust me, it’s a good thing. It seems as if each and every song of this album was designed to bring sheer happiness all listeners, each in their own very unique ways. Some might call this deep house, but for me Klangkarussell is music that soothes the soul.

Sadly enough, Klangkarussell had a less than impressive set at Club Vinyl in Denver on September 13th. Even with the new album at their disposal Klangkarussell only played two new songs and weren’t even on stage for longer than an hour. It’s unclear as to why they didn’t throw down a jaw dropping set with their obvious talent, but one thing is for sure, when they finally ended up playing their two songs, the dance floor erupted in happiness and euphoria. If you haven’t checked them out yet them find out for yourself why almost 200,000 people love their music on Soundcloud. 

By: Alex Witte