New Insomniac Locations

Recently, CEO of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella, announced that the popular Beyond and Nocturnal Wonderland events would soon find a new home in Las Vegas. Insomniac has had incredible success since the start of the company in 1993, but particularly in the last few years. Rotella has recognized that many of their original locations for events are no longer suitable for the massive amounts of attendees. This problem occurred in 2010 when EDC had to leave SoCal and relocate to larger venue in Las Vegas. Many fans were concerned that the same would happen with Wonderland events. However, Rotella reassured fans that these events would not be leaving Southern California, but that they simply needed an additional location that had a larger capacity. He released a statement via his personal Facebook that said,

“There’s also been chatter about Beyond SoCal moving to Las Vegas. For me, a festival held in another state is not a substitute for our SoCal events. I started in SoCal, and shows like Nocturnal and EDC have deep roots here. Southern California dance culture has been vibrant for more than two decades, and it’s an important place for us to be because it’s Insomniac’s home and home to so many of you. We have an amazing new venue to announce in Las Vegas (EDC is staying at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway), but anything that takes place in this new venue will be in addition to—not in place of—anything that happens in SoCal. We are going to launch a Beyond and a Nocturnal Wonderland in Vegas.”

   Insomniac has been notorious in continuing to build their event roster every year, adding new shows, new festivals, and expanding to new locations. In 2011 Insomniac hosted Beyond Wonderland Seattle, but did not come back the following year. Beyond Wonderland Bay Area however, which was given a try in 2012, was massive hit and returned in 2013. Nocturnal Wonderland has not previously expanded to any new locations until now.

         EDC has had the most movement of any Insomniac event, leaving a trail of both excited and heartbroken fans. The first EDC was hosted in Los Angeles in 1997 and did not expand to new cities until 2008 when an event was added in Aurora, Colorado. Throughout the next 7 years years, Insomniac continued to throw EDCs in various cities across the US, the UK, and Puerto Rico. Some locations proved to a success and have stuck around to this day, while others did not have as much luck. EDC Chicago had its debut run in 2013, but due to noise complaints, will not be returning in 2014. This year Insomniac has expanded EDC to a new country for a two-day event in Mexico City.

          Branching out to new cities has been very beneficial for Insomniac, allowing more fans to attend events that are closer to their hometowns. While many loyal EDM lovers are willing to go the distance for events like EDC Las Vegas, others do not have the money or time to travel to distant shows. Having events in a variety of places around the world give devoted ravers as well as first-time attendees an experience like no other.

Written By: Allison Regan