Martin Folb Announces New House Project: Primal Intent

Rising from the club scene in Miami, Martin Folb  (PANTyRAIDMartyParty will join Ibiza producer Paul Gorman for a 2014 self-titled album release launching their newest project under the moniker, Primal Intent. Loaded to the brim with fresh progressive house and Ibiza minimal techno the 10 track self-titled LP cleverly combines Trap, Dubstep, Purple and Hip Hop into one tightly wound package delivering a powerful punch. 

Rich in bass and emotion, Primal Intent is a new musical foray for the South African born producer, Martin Folb. A deep dark audio voyage using synthetic sounds and organic tones Primal Intent takes the listener into a new world of minimal electronic music that is both sophisticated and psychedelic. Together with co-producer Paul Gorman, the new project captures all of the flavor of the European techno scene while remaining current and fluid with Miami’s signature house music sound.

Martin Folb aka MartyParty is a renowned producer and performerin the international electronic music scene. Born and raised in South Africa and currently residing in Miami, he has been producing music for his live show since 2005. Crossing all genres, he is renowned for creating music that often emotional and often experimental in nature. Throughout his eight-year career he has released 6 albums under various collaborations including the super group PANTyRAID and his solo show with MartyParty.  His latest collaboration, Primal Intent, is an exploration of Minimal techno together with rich basslines and psuedo-organic synthesis in a sound he likes to call, Minimal Bass.

"All the music I make is based around the psychedelic dance floor - a lose your mind spontaneous and unpredictable rollercoaster of sound - always sexy and always raw - Primal Intent is another sound in the family of MartyParty music."
 -- Martin Folb

Born in Miami, Paul Gorman planted the seeds for his musical career in the famed Ibiza club scene at the young age of 18. His international travels and experience allowed Gorman to hone in on a unique style and technique that is rarely seen in the United States. With a focus on synthesizing every note from scratch, he takes a unique approach for processing his trademark European sound. 

While Martin Folb has always had the desire to produce music in this vein the inspiration he finds with Gorman is boundless. Folb explains, “I’ve always wanted to cross over into more steady beat production and Paul’s skills and mindset was the perfect jump off for me.”  He continues, “His Ibiza training and Miami sound is something I have always loved “. Together, Primal Intent brings song writing to the steady beat of techno, setting the mark for new arrangement and composition in the EDM world.

The first single from Primal Intent's self-titled EP, "Bar In Every Room", is streaming now on SoundCould.

Primal Intent’s first self-titled LP is set to be released on November 18th on iTunes and will be available for live streaming on various outlets the week of the release. Until then, the dynamic duo will be releasing a number of exclusive tracks on various networks leading up to the release. For more information about Primal Intent, check out the official soundcloud page at:

"Primal Intent is a mutation of South African kwaito, American trap and Ibiza Minimal techno - if I had to sum it up." 
- Martin Folb, 2014