Mord Fustang Release // 2nd Single from Debut Album





Preview 'Pop' featuring LIINKS HERE




New album '9999 in 1' coming 1/20/15 

on Magic Trooper

Pre-order ‘9999 in 1’ and get ‘Pop’ and ‘Drivel’ instantly HERE

Listen to the first single 'Drivel' HERE 

Fans were given their first taste of Mord Fustang’s forthcoming debut album, 9999 in 1 when the release’s first single, ‘Drivel,’ premiered via After garnering over 250K plays on Soundcloud, Mord Fustang is ready to unleash the videogame-inspired album’s next single, ‘Pop.’


For this track, Mord Fustang recruits Canadian singer-songwriter Georgia Murray’s new duoLIINKS. Georgia Murray talks about her experience working with Mord on the track, saying “It was dope collaborating with Mord Fustang on this tune. It’s upbeat and fun but still has an emotional vibe to it and we’re proud of the results.” 


Check out LIINKS' official website HERE.


Pop’ brings a bubbly, feel-good sound that combines pop sensibilities with Mord Fustang’s signature electronic style, resulting in a track that is a fit for both EDM events and radio play. Its addictive melody is one that long-time Mord fans and pop music fans both can enjoy.


Check out the teaser for ‘Pop’ HERE.


Along with the premiere of the single, fans now have the opportunity to pre-order the 9999 in 1 album. What’s more, if you pre-order the album on iTunes, you’ll get both singles ‘Pop’ and ‘Drivel’ instantly! Get it now HERE!

The album finally lifts the curtain on the enigmatic wizard famed for merging teched-out house, disco, electro, glitch, and hard bass grooves in a single track. According to Mord Fustang9999 in 1 is “kind of a concept album.” Growing up in the small Eastern European country of Estonia, Mord became a video game fanatic – today he claims “70% of my body is made of video games.” Still, the only games available during his childhood were “pirated Russian knockoffs of Nintendo cartridges that had five games and weird hacks like ‘Naked Super Mario Brothers.’ The title comes from the random numbers they always had on the plastic yellow cartridges. The album is a 8-bit homage to the nostalgia I have for those games.”


This is evident through tracks like the Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat inspired “Press Play,” which uses the ticking of the timer that ticks down before players press play in the game, and “Skyward World,” which is built around the sound of the cartridge being removed from the old Sega Genesis consoles. 


Mord Fustang is set to release ‘9999 in 1’ on his own label Magic Trooper on January 20th, 2015.