Valentine & 4A's Epic Moving Castle Debut "Us" feat. Naji

           Moving Castle has quickly solidified themselves as one of the most recognizable brands in electronic music. With names like Jai Wolf, Manila Killa, Chet Porter, and AOBeats all starting off their respective projects with releases on this iconic collective, the Moving Castle team has been very selective about who they decide to feature on their newest releases. The Moving Castle sound highlights euphoric emotions backed by unique production unlike anything else in the scene. These releases provide an excellent sense of escapism whereas every artist does a phenomenal job at creating a sensual atmosphere that teeters on the line of bliss and full captivation. These tracks are far from the norm and each and every new release does a great job at representing a new idea to keep the listener guessing as to what’s in store. Along with incredibly well put together cover art, the Moving Castle brand is quickly growing into one of the most sought after music collectives in all of electronic music. 

Today we are lucky enough to enjoy a piece produced by up and coming artists VALENTINE & 4A. Featuring vocals from Naji, these 3 projects are all making their Moving Castle debuts in epic fashion. Combining staccato future bass stabs with powerful kicks and a multitude of samples and fills, this track immediately captures the listener with a deep sense of love and longing. One could very generally relate this to works from Porter Robinson or even rising sensation K?D or possibly even ARMNHMR, but one listen to this track shows a unique compilation of genres unique to any melodic bass track released over the course of the past few months.

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Spacey vocals are complimented by light chimes to create an open break perfectly built and topped by taiko drums to elevate the energy into an impactful drop that carries from bar to bar with a massive, captivating driving feel. This song is truthfully so unique that it’s difficult to do it justice with words. I can only recommend listening for yourself as just one listen through will leave you scrolling these artist’s pages to see what other heat they’ve got cooking up in the kitchen. 

"A quick peep at VALENTINE's Soundcloud and it's riddled in bright fuchsia and bubble gum sweetness. Press play on one of the tracks and you'd expect the same thing."


All in all, this track receives a perfect score from a very critical journalist. In such a saturated area of the electronic market, it’s refreshing to stumble across a track that portrays such a vast variety of emotions and energy. This song perfectly encompasses the serene feeling of enjoying a sunset or driving with the windows down on a beautiful summer day. Once again, Moving Castle has gone above and beyond and exceeded expectations. Be sure to check out each of these individual artists along with the collective itself and brace yourself for a world of feels unlike anything you’ve stumbled across in the recent past. 

Written By: Cooper Turley 

Artwork by Radimir Koch

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