Pushing Through The Pavement- The Polish Ambassador

The one of a kind Polish Ambassador recently dropped the first few tracks of his new album, Pushing Through the Pavement. His dedicated fans had high expectations for this album, and so far, they have not been disappointed. The album artwork depicts a beautiful abstract brain with unique swirling decorations, separating power lines and city pollution one on side and windmills and futuristic dome houses on the other. This artwork is a powerful visual representation of the Ambassadors philosophy and the messages contained within his music. Polish is a huge advocate for a progressive, self-sustaining society that thrives off of music, art, and creative expression. This message could not be more clear than it is in the first  tracks of Pushing Through the Pavement. Polish is strategically dropping the tracks one by one, cultivating anticipation and excitement in his fans.

Lost & Found was instantly a huge hit – he really added a unique flare to this track with the addition of wind flutes, adding another dimension to his already one of a kind up beat dance-able music. Ayla’s vocals on this track are incredible, as usual. Prayer for Rain is another track that has taken his fans by surprise – this album is incredible because his music preserves his personality and distinct personal sound, while adding a unique flare. This album is unlike any of his other stuff, each song is a piece of the story and the overall mood is far more chilled out and deeply touching.

Pushing Through the Pavement is also one of a kind because of the diverse selection of instruments that are incorporated into each track, creating a unique collaboration that has not yet been explored this deeply in the Ambassadors music.  Prayer for Rain features the beautiful elegance of violin and guitar, Wait for the One That’s Special incorporates beautiful melodies on the flute, Lost and Found is complemented by a wind flute, and Gathering of the Tribes is mostly electronic but seems to be inspired by tribal drums. All in all, each of Polish’s albums seems to build on the last. Pushing Through the Pavement is available for free on Soundcloud, check it out today!

Written By Amanda Wolf