The JJ Evanoff Experience Makes Waves in Colorado

If you haven’t heard of The JJ Evanoff Experience, yet, you’re missing out. An eclectic blend of electro-jam-rock-fusion, this Rocktronica trio is making waves in the Colorado scene. A sound reminiscent of renowned jam/rock artists such as Sound Tribe Sector 9, Umphrey’s McGee, and even Papadosio, yet still an individual identity all its own, The JJ Evanoff Experience perfectly blends soothing buildups and upbeat rhythms to create tracks that make you wanna sway and then go nuts on the dancefloor. An emotional outpour of guitar and captivating basslines keep you on the edge of your seat throughout each new track.

Building up excitement for an anticipated upcoming album, The JJ Evanoff Experience has released their first official single, “Rings Of Saturn.” Check it out here:

The ethereal, other-worldly vibes of this new track blast you off to another place, transcending into musical bliss. The quality of production of this new single has got us very excited for their upcoming self-titled album, “The JJ Evanoff Experience,” which is set to be released sometime this February.

Even though The JJ Evanoff Experience is finally starting to break through, the trio is certainly not new on the scene. I was fortunate enough to cover these guys last year when they opened up for Gladkill, Sugarpill, and Unlimited Aspect (Unlimited Gravity and Project Aspect duo set) at Cervantes. The JJ Evanoff Experience started the party, JJ Evanoff himself shredding on the guitar in accompaniment to some groovy, danceable beats thanks to bassist Parker Oberholzer and B.K. Kahn on the drums. Loyal fans and new enthusiasts got down to the music, proving to be the perfect kick off to the night’s events. The carefree atmosphere JJ Evanoff sparked was contagious, infecting the entire venue.

JJ Evanoff will be returning to Cervantes’ Masterpiece, this time not as an opener, but a main event! Wakarusa Music Festival is hosting Waka Winter Classic throughout the nation, traveling in a quest to locate the most talented local musicians. The JJ Evanoff Experience will be competing TONIGHT at Waka Winter Classic against four other talented artists, so be sure to come out and support these talented young musical ingenieurs. Over on Cervantes’ Other Side, Leftover Salmon and The Infamous Stringdusters will also be jamming out.

Purchase tickets to the event here:

In addition to the competition tonight, The JJ Evanoff Experience will be co-headlining a show at the Fox this upcoming April! Stay tuned for more details to come on that event.

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Article by Hanna Danecker