BFS: Alright, we will start with something straight forward; whats your musical inspiration?


PB: Drums is the simplest answer, it was the first thing I got into as a kid. I started playing the drums when I was 12 years old. They were my focus music for about 10 years.


BFS: What was your reaction when Derek Vincent Smith asked you to be on his music label?


PB: Well I’ve been friends with Derek for 15 years. We were in a band together in high school for a number of years and we kind of produced together originally, and had all of the same musical influences over the year and traded music back and fourth. He’s my homie, it’s not like its someone I didn’t know asking me to join his label.


BFS: Whats it like working with the entire PLM label and Derek himself?


PB: Oh it’s awesome! We’ve all known each other for a long time, and all worked on music together back in the day. Its a lot better now because we’ve all come a lot further with music and what we can do musically. We all just recently worked on a new track together, and it was great. There's just so much more depth to our music now than when we were bringing it together in high school.


BFS: Definitely. So do you have any pre show rituals that you go through before you go on stage?


PB: I like to relax. Probably 10 minutes before I go on I just like to really chill, I usually have a drink maybe smoke some weed and thats it.


BFS: What is the most influential moment of your life that has impacted your music career?


PB: I guess it would be joining the band with Mike and Derek back in high school. I met Mike and we did our freshman year of high school together. It just worked out that he was already in a band with Derek and they needed a drummer, and I was a drummer. I jammed with Mike a couple of times and I became the drummer of the band and we were together for the next four years. It solidified our friendship and our musical collaboration for sure.


BFS: Do you think you Mike, and Derek would ever form a band again make some music and go on tour?


PB: I mean Mike and I have “Half Color” that's a group we do together that we started five or six years ago now. But the three of us, man, I don’t know. We each have our own shit and then Derek as you know has kind of exploded and is on a big level, not only with his Pretty Lights career but he can put together an amazing band with people that can do shit better than Mike and I can. It would be fun to do one, but I don’t know if it would ever actually happen. Who knows though. But the three of us getting down on a track together, that's definitely in the cards.


BFS: Whats your favorite track to play during your sets?


PB: Its usually just my newest shit, because that's whats on my mind or it’s something I’ve never played for a crowd before. That (playing new tracks) always makes me curious to see what the reaction is going to be. You work on it, and you have a certain scenario in your head of how it’s going to go but you never know until you actually play it. To be more specific, right now, I love playing my remix of the Pretty Lights track. It’s got a good vibe. As far as my own tracks--- I would have to say Cloak and Dagger off of my new record because the energy is always great. I also like Black Spring as well, but I’ve played that one for a while now. Day dream and cops are always in the rotation as well.


BFS: What are some of your goals for the next year?


PB: Work on my music as much as I can. I really want to get back to doing “Half Color” with Mike which I think is happening soon. I always have new ideas for shit I wanna do, so I guess just going through with those and get those ideas out and do it well. It’s always about trying to push yourself and do better. Thats always the general goal.


BFS: I think the whole PLM label pushes themselves, its never the same stagnant sound of EDM that people complain about in the media.


PB: Yeah, there's a lot of people out there that have their own sound in the EDM world but plenty of people that don’t. I’m sure there are people that could say that about me. I feel like the label for sure especially because you can really see everyone’s unique personality and style come through the music. We all influence each other, and collaborate on stuff. It helps because I know we all listen to each others music here and there and those influences shine through. There is a kind of common sound that we do have, but its cool to see each of our own interpretations of it.


BFS: Going off of that, how do you think your personality shows through in your music?


PB: My music recently seems dark and gritty and moody, and I don’t always feel like that. Its a side of my personality. But there's a lot of vibes or feels of music that my records focus on.


Interviewed and Written By: Madi Lawton