Perry Farrell's EDM Musical

Perry Farrell is at it again. Performing as the front man of Jane’s Addiction, founding one of America’s largest music festivals (Lollapalooza), and performing at all twelve Coachella Festivals just isn’t enough for the man. There is only one place electronic dance music hasn’t infiltrated, and Farrell is prepared to take it there: all the way to musical theatre. Kind Heaven will be the first ever EDM musical to hit the stage, and no, not on Broadway. In Vegas.

        This will not be your typical, sit and watch show. Ticketholders will be immersed in the fictional plot, walking through the set based in southern Thailand’s war- torn sex and drug trade. The narrative follows a soldier and female laborer’s love story as they flee from sin soldiers to a Buddhist monastery. To put the work in to perspective, “If Giorgio Moroder had written a musical, it would sound like this,” says Farrell.

       Farrell has a mind for the unconventional, which he has proved time and time again. If this musical comes together like all of Farrell’s numerous projects, there is little doubt it will be a hit. We are still eagerly awaiting the announcement of who will be gracing the stage as the leading role, but Farrell and DJ Joachim Garraud are reported to have written and recorded the entire soundtrack already. DJ Peretz, AKA Perry Farrell, will be debuting some of the tracks from Kind Heaven in his upcoming sets. Look out for updates on the EDM musical coming in the near future!

Written By: Rachel Oldham