Many festivals require elaborate sets and themes to transform a usually drab venue into a magical, make-believe realm. However, there sometimes exists a festival site so intertwined with the natural world it needs nothing but music and a crowd to convert it to something otherworldly. This is exactly the case with Sasquatch! music festival in Quincy, Washington. Nestled in the mountains, The Gorge Amphitheatre has been home to Sasquatch! for the past 12 years. Grassy expanses litter the venue and mountain peaks loom over the surrounding area giving a natural forest feel that no amount of lights and props can replicate.

       If the setting isn’t convincing enough, the lineup will surely not disappoint. Last year, names such as; Vampire Weekend, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Mumford and Suns, Grimes, Steve Aoki, Disclosure and Death Grips among many others graced the stage. Every genre from EDM to folk is represented at this festival, thus drawing an eclectic crowd almost as varied as the weather. One should be prepared for the uncomfortable heat during the day and chilling temperatures at night. Nonetheless, at Sasquatch! camping is half the fun. Known for its laidback and outdoorsy feel, your neighbors are likely to be equally as stoked about the music and nature.

        Unrestrained crowds and distasteful festival-goers are not quite an abhorring issue at this festival. The beautiful backdrop and mostly underground lineup tends to draw those truly dedicated to the music. Surrounded by good tunes and great people, Sasquatch! is something that should be on every music fanatic’s bucket list.

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Written By: Haley Monahan