Ten Trailers To Watch When you Want To be Nostalgic About Festival Season

Ahhh Festival season, my favorite time of the year. If only it wasn't a solid 6 months away. However, there is a temporary remedy, watch these ten recap videos to relieve the magic of each of these fantastic events, and start planning for 2015!



Ultra - United We Dance (Official 2014 After Movie)

After a controversial year in 2014, Ultra music festival released a video to end all talk, and prove that it belonged in Miami.  United We Dance features a glimpse into what makes the Ultra experience special for artists and fans alike. The video also showcases some of the festival’s world class production. Check it out:

Tickets and More Info: http://www.ultramusicfestival.com/




Electric Forest 2014: “Take Me Home”

People get very nostalgic over Electric Forest, and it’s easy to see why. The small pocket of paradise in Rothbury, Michigan offers an experience unlike any other. Featuring a diverse lineup and a fantastic camping experience, Electric Forest builds a community unlike any other festival.  

Tickets and More Info: http://www.electricforestfestival.com/




Gem & Jam 2014 Recap

This recap video is a great portrayal of Gem & Jam. It shows the festival is exploding with creativity, between live performers, artists, musicians, and the attendees themselves. It shows the self expression of many attendees and the serene environment the festival takes place in.

Tickets and More Info: http://www.gemandjamfestival.com/





Shambhala - A Journey Home (The After Story)

The Shambhala After Story embodies everything that is Shams--- the beautiful, the weird, the freedom, the fun, and the experience. The video highlights the best parts of the festival, from workshops, to yoga, to music, the festival is one incredible event.

Tickets and More Info: http://www.shambhalamusicfestival.com/




BUKU: The Vibe Of BUKU

One of the best things about BUKU is the amazing venue it takes place at--- Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, LA. The Vibe Of BUKU perfectly captures the beauty of the venue, as well as the energy of the crowd. A festival that needs to be on your must-attend list for 2015.

Tickets and More Info: http://thebukuproject.com/




Envision: Vive La Experiencia!

After watching this video I want to hop on the first plane to Costa Rica. The fact that Envision takes place in Costa Rica AND features some of the most unique and talented musicians in the world. The festival completely immerses the attendee in the experience.

Tickets and More Info: http://www.2015.envisionfestival.com/





The experience of EDC flashes before your eyes in this short teaser for EDC 2015. Despite its length, it still raises a familiar anticipation for the annual event held in Las Vegas, NV organized by the notorious Pasquale Rotella owner and founder of Insomniac Events.

Tickets and More Info: http://electricdaisycarnival.com/




Mysteryland USA: Official After movie 2014

Mysteryland kicked off it’s inaugural festival in the United States in 2014 on the sacred Woodstock Grounds. The event featured phenomenal production, a stellar lineup, and a 21 and up age limit. The festival announced its second year and secured its spot as a staple American festival.

Tickets and More Info: http://www.mysteryland.us/en/




TomorrowWorld: Official After Movie 2014

TomorrowWorld is another festival with international origins that crossed the Atlantic. 2014 was the second year of the event, and it proved to be a great success. The festival combines the appeal of camping festivals along with the lineup and production of large urban festivals. Check out the experience here:

Tickets and More Info:


Written By Madi Lawton